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amin and rahim marketcircle chicago

The main theme of the show centered around the paradigm shift towards cloud services.

There were those for, those against, and those on the fence. Personally I’m for because wether you like it or not it is here and eventually we will all be using it. I figure people just want to be able to trust their technology and always have access to their data, but for those who think this ask yourself, “Am I as trustworthy as the cloud?”. For example some of the people singing the tune of security (or lack thereof) in the cloud are the same folks that have auto-login when their computer OS starts up, no backup strategy or an inadequate one, or no passcode on their phone (uh yes there’s critical data their too). How many times have you thought “where’s my phone?! oh there it is, phew!”

That’s all I’m going to say about this topic because speakers Victor Medina and Ben Schorr (and probably others) did a great job of going over the dos and don’ts of managing sensitive data on your devices. We really enjoyed Randy JuipMark Metzger’s session on “The Fine Art of Getting Paid on a Mac, and special shoutout goes to Brett Burney for his time and dedication in organizing another fantastic ‘Mac Track’.

It was wonderful to once again be a part of the technology movement that is spreading like wildfire across this industry. Next year we anticipate even more Mac & iOS focused content than ever, and we will be right there to help lead the way into this wonderful platform for business.

May the Mac be with you, always!


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