Announcing Billings Pro

Our Company / April 15, 2010 / Alykhan Jetha
For a while now, we’ve been working on a secret project: a multi-user version of our award winning Billings app.
We’ve reached a point where we are comfortable telling the world that such a thing exists and that we’ll need some beta testers in a month or two.

We’ve made a little intro page for Billings Pro. You can do 2 things:

  1. Sign up for the beta program if you are so inclined (limited number and phased roll out).
  2. If you are not the beta type, you can sign up to keep informed (we promise to use that list for the purpose of keeping you informed about Billings Pro only).

So without further ado: Billings Pro.

Until next time…

P.S. We’ll be more descriptive at launch. The launch date will depends on how the beta goes.

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