Enhance Your Daylite Workflow with Apple Vision Pro Spatial Computing Starting Today

Product Updates / February 2, 2024 / Daylite Team

Welcome to the spatial computing era! As the new Apple Vision Pro begins shipping across the United States today, Daylite is proud to offer a new immersive experience for managing your business.

Daylite exclusively makes Apple software for small business, and the updates we made recently to the Daylite iPad app make it compatible with visionOS. We are thrilled to support Apple Vision Pro for work, and in this blog post, we will explore some of the exciting features Daylite offers to enhance your workflow and productivity.

image shows a screenshot of Daylite on Apple's Vision Pro, with three screens showcasing the Daylite Opportunities Board, the Daylite Mail, and the Today view.

A Whole New Work Environment

With Apple Vision Pro and the Daylite app, your workspace blends with your physical surroundings. Your Daylite app windows will appear suspended in the space in front of you, so you can still see your workspace and anything happening around you. The app even reacts to the lighting in your room and casts shadows on table surfaces.

Effortless Navigation in visionOS and Daylite

What excites us most is how Daylite in visionOS will let you visualize your business in new ways. First, supercharge multitasking by arranging your Today, Opportunities, and Mail windows anywhere in the space around you and move between them with a simple glance.

But it’s our workflows that really help you take full advantage of the immersive visual interface: fluidly move deals through your sales pipeline on the Opportunities Board and address bottlenecks on the Projects Board to ensure execution is on point, all using intuitive hand gestures. Daylite on Apple Vision Pro puts within easy reach everything you need to drive your business forward.

Embrace Spatial Computing with Apple Vision Pro

We’re enthusiastic about the transformative potential of spatial computing to enhance how you manage your business. The Daylite app on Apple Vision Pro offers an engaging experience that could fundamentally change how you work.

If you haven’t yet discovered Daylite, you can start your free 14-day trial today to experience for yourself how it helps streamline the way you manage your small business. With CRM, Sales and Project Tracking all in one, you can get organized and power through daily objectives with everything you need right at your fingertips. Start your free trial now!

Daylite is among the first apps for Apple Vision Pro for small business and it is now accessible on the Vision Pro App Store. Learn more about Apple Vision Pro and get a complete guided tour of its features, and stay tuned for further updates about Daylite by subscribing to our newsletter.

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