Apple iPhone and Daylite

January 10, 2007 on 2:40 am | AJ

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the iPhone. With all the hype and the limitations imposed by the carriers, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was lucky enough to see a demo of the phone in action and I must say it is awesome!

I tend to not get excited by gadgets, but this one has me excited.

The interface, the OS, the form factor – it just looks right. (I couldn’t touch it, so no idea of ‘feel’).

Anyways – the big question is Calendar and Contacts from Daylite – can we sync?

Mike, our VP of Engineering, did some digging and the answer is: yes!

As you may know, we’ve been working on Sync Services support and our efforts will pay off by the looks of it.

Our challenge will be getting a phone to test with. We might have to get a little creative in getting one considering it will be available in the U.S. only initially ;)

Ironically we just picked up some Nokia E61′s this past Thursday for Sync Services testing. We where pretty excited about the E61 – for all of 4 days. As cool as it is, the E61 looks so old school now. I wouldn’t have ever thought that something can get so old so quickly.

These are interesting times – the Mac is getting to be a better small business platform.

Until next time…

11 Responses to “Apple iPhone and Daylite”

  1. Andy Warwick says:

    Looks like the Mac developers are mobilising to ensure they’ll be able to develop for the iPhone platform:

    Suggest Marketcircle add their voice to the throng…

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks for droping a note on this so quick.. looking forward to better syncing for every device

  3. Janice says:

    So what does the reference to Nokia e61 mean? Will e61 users be able to sync directly with DayLite?

  4. AJ says:

    Andy – we’ve already voiced our opinion to Apple in regards to an SDK.

    Janice – we need a third party plugin (I forget the name now) to enable synching the Nokia e61 with iSync. In our internal tests, we are able to sync the Daylite calendar using Sync Services and getting the data into both iCal and the e61.

  5. John Wilson says:

    So when will you have Daylite ready to sync via sync services? Using PocketMac now with sometimes mixed results.

  6. AJ says:


    Our engineers are hard at work on sync services as we speak. I don’t have an ETA yet.


  7. enoch benjamin says:

    e61??? don’t get me excited. I have the e61 as well as the SE p990i and I was trying to decide which one to keep. If your telling me, or even hinting, that the e61 will sync then i might have to hold onto it…

    But, on the otherhand if we’re talking about in a few months, i’ll just wait for the iphone and ditch both phones.

    Smooth syncing is so important!

  8. Mikkael says:


    I just downloaded Daylite 3. It’s a great piece of software, you got me.

    The sync with E-61 would be an awesome add-on for me (living in Europe, I have to wait at least 9-10 months for the iPhone).

    I downloaded this small fix for the iSync for the e 61, which now allows me to sync address book and iCal with the phone. Your specs site states, whatever iSync syncs, is an option for Daytime. So, is this true?

    Best Regards from Germany


  9. AJ says:

    You will need a special plugin for iSync to sync the e61 or e62 because it has a newer version of the Symbian OS. I forget the name of the site that offers this ‘phone plugin’. I believe it’s a German site. The actual file is ‘eseries.phoneplugin’.

    Until we have our Sync Services stuff available, you won’t be able to sync Daylite to the e61 or e62.
    Our engineers are working hard on this. It works with our test builds, but it is far from being ready for a beta or final. I don’t have a timeline.


  10. Ann says:

    can you download the entire daylite 3 database (including opportunities, notes, forms,activities etc) to your iphone?

  11. Dylan says:

    I can’t wait for Sync Services and Daylite! having to delete and reimport into iCal regularly in order to sync with the iPhone is not much fun. The address book sync on the other hand is great!