Daylite 4.3.2 is OS X Mavericks compatible and now available

Product Updates / October 17, 2013 / Alykhan Jetha

The excitement for Mavericks, and anticipation of its release is mounting. We’re very excited and worked hard on making Daylite compatible with OS X Mavericks.

In anticipation, today, we are releasing version 4.3.2 of Daylite, Daylite Mail Assistant (DMA) and Daylite Server which we’ve tested with the latest beta of OS X Mavericks provided to us by Apple on October 4, 2013. In the past, the final beta has not been exactly the same as the final release, so there is a small chance of incompatibility.

Our recommendation is to wait a week before updating to OS X Mavericks so we have enough time to properly test the shipped version. Also, if you’re working with a Marketcircle certified partner, please consult with them prior to upgrading your OS.

The 4.3.2 update is recommended for everyone. You can update version 4.3.2 of Daylite, DMA and Daylite Server on our website

What’s new in Daylite 4.3.2?

  • Added an option to display completed tasks in the calendar if “Tasks” are set to display.
  • Fixed an issue where merging to multiple contacts may leave the To: field blank on some emails.

What’s new in Daylite Mail Assistant 4.3.2?

  • Added the ability to create new keywords (for Email) from DMA.
  • Results will now return inactive Daylite users even if ‘Include Daylite users in searches’ is off in the DMA preferences.

What’s new in Daylite Server 4.3.2?

  • Fixed some cases where contacts would not sync at all when using CardDAV
  • Fixed some cases where repeating appointments would not be synced correctly when using CalDAV

Please visit this page for the full release notes.

All existing customers will receive an email at some point today notifying them on the upgrade process. Please note, if you choose to update Daylite from the Mac App Store, you must still refer to the email or our website for instructions on updating Daylite Server & Daylite Mail Assistant. Daylite 4.3.2 will be available on MAS at some point today. If you are new to Daylite, you can sign-up here to receive a 30 day free trial. For any questions regarding this process please open a support ticket.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We found a bug in Daylite Mail Assistant(DMA) 4.3.2, which made it incompatible with OS X Mavericks. This issue has been fixed in Daylite Mail Assistant 4.3.3, which you can download here. DMA 4.3.3 is also available on our website.

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