Daylite’s search shortcut

Quick Tips / April 25, 2013 / lbenetton

Wondering when that client appointment is? How about the followup task for a proposal? Or a supplier’s phone number? If you keep all this information in Daylite, you can find it quickly using Daylite’s powerful search feature.

In version 4, we introduced a way to get you to that search feature faster – a global keyboard shortcut. Once you set up a keyboard shortcut for search within Daylite, it works regardless of whether Daylite is the active application on your Mac, as long as you have already started Daylite. Use the shortcut, and Daylite comes to the foreground with the search field active. In other words, as soon as you see the Daylite window, just start typing what you want to search for.

All it takes for you to enjoy this convenience is to set up the shortcut using this three-step process:

  1. Go to Daylite > Preferences.
  2. Click General.
  3. Enter a shortcut for “Daylite search shortcut.”

The sophistication of Daylite’s search tool goes well beyond the shortcut. Check out this three-minute video to see what we mean.

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