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Final Update: Daylite For macOS Sierra 10.12

Product Updates  October 28, 2019  Emily Chioconi

You want the best and we want you to have it, too. That’s why we’ve invested in making sure Daylite is ready for the newest technologies out there, and it’s working – for both iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, Daylite was compatible on day one! To continue giving you the best while keeping pace with evolving tech, Daylite needs to support Apple’s newest operating systems.

MacBook Daylite Sierra and Catalina on orange background with text saying final update for daylite

With that in mind, the final update for Daylite for macOS Sierra will be Daylite version 2019.44

If you’re still using macOS Sierra 10.12, you can continue using Daylite without interruption, however, you will not receive updates with bug fixes or new features beyond Daylite version 2019.44. Staying up to date with the latest macOS keeps your favourite apps compatible with your Mac and gives you Apple’s newest features as well as important security updates.

As always, we recommend confirming compatibility for all of your software before updating your iOS, iPadOS, and/or macOS on any of your Apple devices. If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest news and progress on our compatibility status for Daylite and Billings Pro, we suggest bookmarking our Compatibility page.

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