How to overcome a case of “The Mondays”

Executing on Plans / June 1, 2015 / Kristie

Monday morning got you feeling a little unmotivated? We can’t all be motivation super heroes zipping around with our productivity levels up to eleven. We’re human and sometimes we need a bit more time to reset and recharge. It just so happens that this commonly happens on a Monday morning. If the Monday morning cup of coffee doesn’t do the trick, here’s a few tips to get you back into the zone and ready to work.

Monday Blues

#1. Do something that makes you smile

Opening your email first thing Monday morning can be a bit daunting. If you’re dreading a flood of emails before you even turn on your computer then you’re already starting the day off on the wrong foot. Start the day on a positive note by doing something that makes you smile…

  • Watch a funny video clip
  • Listen to a song that pumps you up
  • Read a motivational quote (or two)
  • Meditate for 5 minutes

Do whatever you need to do to get in a positive mind set so you’re prepared to tackle the day. If you’re still feeling scared of your inbox, just remember that Daylite Mail Assistant is there to help you manage emails so you can achieve inbox zero. You don’t have to do it alone.

#2. Establish your priorities

This is something you may want to do even before opening your inbox. Chances are you already have a few top priorities hanging over your head before you even open your inbox. Before opening Mail, write down the top 2 or 3 priorities you have for the day that you can realistically accomplish. Then proceed to check your emails. You can use Daylite tasks to sort through your “not done” list and then pin them to your Worklist.

While there may be an important email that requires immediate action, a lot of times our emails just distract us and throw us into fire-fighting mode where we instantly feel rushed and enter a reactive stance. Before pushing one of your priorities to the side for a task in your inbox, ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary or if it can wait. Part of what can seem so stressful on a Monday is that we don’t even accomplish what we set out to do because of a bunch of meetings or unexpected fires that need to be put out. If you’re finding yourself putting out fires on the regular, try using Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix to help you focus on the right tasks.

#3 Start with something easy

Attempting to tackle a difficult task first thing in the morning when you’re feeling a little off can be counter productive. If you’re already having a hard time staying present, don’t set yourself up for failure by attempting something that requires your brain performing at maximum capacity. Look over your list of priorities and start with whichever one is easiest. Tackle that one first so you can feel a sense of accomplishment. Then work your way up to the more difficult tasks. By that time, your brain should be warmed up and ready to take on whatever is next on your plate. Take the day one step at a time.

#4 Set a goal

If you want to break free of that bored, stagnant feeling you need to do something that pushes you past the mundane. Olympic athletes don’t break world records by accomplishing the same thing they did yesterday. An article titled What You Can Learn from Olympic Athletes explains that trick #1 is setting goals. Olympic athletes set goal and push themselves until they reach them. Spark your motivation by setting a goal, however small it is. It can be as simple as wanting to complete the first task of the day within a specific time frame. Set the bar and push yourself to reach it.

#5. Reward yourself

This tip goes hand in hand with setting goals. You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work and it’s easier to get started when you know you have something to look forward to. Get pumped up about the day by reminding yourself that after you get through it, you can treat yourself to something. Maybe your reward is going to a favourite spot for lunch after processing your morning emails like a champ. Maybe it’s as simple as rewarding yourself with a well-deserved nap when you get home after a long day. A reward doesn’t have to be something big or something material, it just needs to be something that will help motivate you and give you something to look forward to.

Try these tips next time you’re feeling less than motivated and kick your productivity up a notch. By the end of #5 you should be feeling excited and optimistic about accomplishing everything in your day.

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