How To Stay On Top Of a Busy Schedule With The Mini Calendar & Year View

Quick Tips / January 11, 2016 / Kristie

Does most of your day revolve around scheduling? Do you constantly need to refer to your calendar before anything you do?

“There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”
–Henry A. Kissinger

If this sounds like you, then you’ll appreciate the new calendar features we’ve added in Daylite 6 to make it easier to get a clear picture of your schedule and to easily check your schedule while you work.

stay on top of calendars

Get an overview of your schedule with the Calendar Year View

Are you the type of planner that needs to look ahead months at a time? We’ve made it easy to get an overview of your schedule by introducing a year view of the Daylite calendar. Now you can view your schedule by day, week, month, or get a full picture with the year view on the Mac.

Want to know right away when you’re available to schedule things? Easy. The year view is colour-coded based on availability. Days that you don’t have anything else planned on will be white, days that you have a few things scheduled are yellow, and days that are very busy are red. This makes it really quick and easy to plan ahead for meetings, projects, and even trips. If you’re trying to figure out when is a good time to book a vacation, you can use the year view to spot a group of days that are white so you know you don’t have anything planned. You can also use the year view as a way of looking back to spot busy times in the year for your business.

calendar year view

Check your schedule from anywhere with the Mini Calendar

Do you find yourself needing to refer to your calendar a lot while you work? Now with the Mini Calendar in the sidebar on the Mac, you can check your schedule from anywhere in Daylite. To expose or hide the Mini Calendar, just click the calendar icon in the bottom left corner of your Daylite sidebar. From there you can drag it up or down to show one or more months at a time.

The Mini Calendar is also colour-coded like the Year View so that it’s easy to spot your availability. While you’re looking through your list of to-dos, you can refer to your schedule in the same view while figuring out when you have time to complete them. If you see that a specific day is yellow or red, indicating you have other appointments on this day, you can see a list of appointments you have planned for that date just by clicking on the day. To quickly assign a due date to a task, just drag and drop it on top of a day in the calendar. The task due date will update to whatever day you dragged it onto.


Drag & drop tasks to assign a due date

This feature is really helpful for when you’re trying to spread out some tasks such as planning out your content schedule. For example, when I’m planning my blog schedule I work from my task list to see all the blog topics I want to write about. Then using the Mini Calendar, I drag and drop those tasks one week apart. Instead of having to go into the task detail and scroll through the date picker to assign a date, I just scroll through the calendar and drag and drop a task on each week.

Greg Brown, The Productivity DJ, also enjoys this new feature because it saves him time while scheduling meetings with his clients.

“I especially like the Mini Calendar view. If I’m talking with a client and need to book video chat time, I don’t need to switch to the calendar. Wherever I am in Daylite I can click a day in the Mini Calendar to see where I have time to schedule. It saves me time and it’s quick and easy to use from anywhere in Daylite. Love it!”

–Greg Brown, The Productivity DJ

Watch the following video to see the Mini Calendar and Year View in action.

Interested in learning more about scheduling with Daylite? Check out the Calendar Management section of our free Daylite Training Course.

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