Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs a CRM System to Stay Ahead

Scaling / July 24, 2023 / Tucky Wong

In the competitive world of real estate, staying ahead of the competition and nurturing valuable leads can be the key to sustained success. If you find yourself struggling to revitalize your lead nurturing strategy, streamline communication with clients and pave the way for the continued growth of your real estate firm, it might be time to consider a game-changing solution: a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of CRM for real estate agents and how this powerful tool can set you apart from competition by transforming your operations and elevating your relationships with clients.

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So what is a CRM in real estate, exactly? A CRM is a technology solution that helps real estate professionals manage their interactions with clients and potential clients, as well as streamline their business processes.

It is a central hub that captures all client communication, listing appointments, automated email follow-ups, and customer insights in one place, so you can sell more properties and collaborate better with your team.

CRMs have become a staple of the real estate industry. According to a recent report, real estate agencies that use CRM have a 41% higher conversion rate in turning leads into clients, a 46% higher customer satisfaction rate, and have a 27% increase in repeat business.

Just consider the challenges faced during the pandemic season when the industry was inundated with an abundance of leads. Keeping track of numerous clients, their properties, and staying on top of countless requests, information, and contracts became an arduous task. However, the solution lies in implementing a comprehensive CRM system that effectively centralizes all the moving pieces in one place. By leveraging the power of a CRM, real estate professionals can streamline their operations and ensure greater efficiency in managing their business.

What Are the Main Features and Benefits of a Real Estate CRM?

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is a CRM in real estate?”, you’ll want to focus on the core features and benefits of a customer relationship management system.

There are a variety of different types and capabilities of CRM solutions for real estate firms, so it’s important to use a system that best supports your business needs.

Top CRM platforms will compile all communications and critical details of a client account or property in one place. By consolidating and optimizing your client data in a centralized location, CRMs make it easier to find the property or client information you need. Additionally, CRMs enable you to:

  • Streamline client management and follow-up, allowing you to stay on top of your relationships with clients and leads
  • Create a flawless lead nurturing strategy to turn leads into clients  
  • Gain a 360-degree view of your sales pipeline, helping you identify bottlenecks and next steps to move opportunities forward and close more deals. 
  • Segment contacts according to specific criteria, such as income, role, industry, and much more
  • Create checklists, tasks, reminders and much more, so you’re always organized and on top of what needs to be done
  • Work on the go with mobile applications, even without a connection to the internet
  • Generate real-time reports to monitor your performance towards your goals

CRMs also include tools and features to assist with the following:

Managing and Nurturing Client Relationships

A great lead nurturing strategy is integral to the growth of any real estate business. Nearly half of brokers and agents that use CRM technology report that it helps them generate more leads. A customer relationship management platform can elevate your lead generation and nurturing capabilities by:

  • Centralizing Client Information: CRMs consolidate your client and property data into a centralized database so that you can quickly find the information you need 
  • Facilitating Personalized Communication: With CRM technology, you can create client segments and send personalized messages to each group based on their needs, goals, and position in the sales funnel
  • Automating Follow-up Processes: CRM solutions allow you to automate follow-up processes, ensuring that you never neglect a promising lead
  • Enabling Collaboration: You and your team can access client data from a single source, so everyone is always on the same page. This makes it easier for you to collaborate, boosting productivity
  • Enabling On-the-Go Access: Mobile CRM solutions give you the freedom to access client data on the go, improving your response time and enhancing the customer service experience

Managing and strengthening client relationships is effortless when you have a robust CRM at your disposal. 

Property and Client Marketing 

The importance of CRM in real estate marketing cannot be overstated. A CRM will provide a centralized database of leads, current clients, and past customers. You can use this type of information to create segmented lists and reach out to each group with a targeted follow-up strategy. 

With a CRM, you can also track the efficacy of your marketing efforts and grow your practice through strategic lead nurturing, which allows you to gain full control of your business. 

For more insights on materials to help you maximize your real estate marketing efforts, check out our guide “What Types of Real Estate Marketing Materials Should You Use To Increase Sales?” for expert tips and strategies. 

Sales Automation

Unsurprisingly, agents that use CRM technology also report that doing so positively impacted their company. You can experience similar benefits by using CRM automation tools to eliminate redundant tasks and decrease your manual workload. In turn, you will free up more time to devote to your clients.

Automating sales processes can also remove friction from the client journey. Using the automation and lead management tools found in leading CRMs, you can close up and increase sales by 29%, sales productivity by 34%, and sales accuracy by 42%.

Lead Tracking

One of the core functions of CRM technology is contact management. When you gather client contact information like names, phone numbers, and email addresses, you can upload this data into your CRM and create individual prospect profiles. 

Stand out as a real estate agent who truly cares by harnessing the power of comprehensive contact management. It’s not just about names and emails; it’s about knowing your clients on a personal level. Imagine the impact when you remember their roles, professions, family relationships, and even their birthdays.

With this information all in one place at your fingertips, you can go the extra mile to foster deep connections. Send personalized birthday greetings, offer thoughtful gifts, and provide tailored property recommendations that align with their unique preferences. By leveraging these special details, you’ll differentiate yourself from other agents, creating an experience that sets you apart in the competitive real estate market. Become the agent who goes above and beyond, building lasting relationships that turn clients into loyal advocates. For more expert tips on how to implement an effective lead strategy, check out our guide “How To Convert More in Real Estate With a Sound Lead Management Strategy”.

After customer information is entered into your CRM, you can track that lead throughout the entire client journey. You can include them in segmented client lists, follow up with personalized messaging, and provide them with an exceptional customer experience from the moment they connect with your firm.

Reporting and Analytics

One of the most notable benefits of CRM in real estate is the analytics capabilities of these modern technology solutions. Top CRM platforms provide you with robust yet user-friendly reporting capabilities that you can leverage to gain actionable insights about your business. You can measure average deal processing times, determine how many clients are in the pipeline, how much each opportunity is worth, and more.

Bringing your data to life with a CRM’s analytics capabilities is an excellent way of gaining an edge over other agents in your area. You can pinpoint potential bottlenecks in your deal management workflow and proactively eliminate these growth roadblocks. You can also deliver a higher quality of service than your counterparts and strengthen your reputation within the community you serve. 

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About the author: Tucky Wong is Marketcircle’s Senior Marketing Manager. With a wealth of Marketing experience that spans nearly two decades, her expertise has become an invaluable asset in the world of small business empowerment as she’s the great mind behind impactful content and strategies. Tucky’s commitment to empowering small businesses ensures that every strategy and piece of content resonates with the spirit of growth and achievement.

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