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Our Company / August 29, 2016 / Kristie

A large portion of our Daylite customers come through referrals. Daylite is recommended to people by friends, family, co-workers, even acquaintances on Twitter and Facebook.

We love that people are spreading the word about Daylite and feel it’s only fair to share the profits. Now you can get paid for recommending Daylite with our Daylite Cloud Affiliate Program.


What is the Daylite Cloud Affiliate Program?

The Daylite Cloud Affiliate Program is an opportunity for customers, partners, and fans of Daylite to make money by recommending Daylite to others. When people you refer to us subscribe to Daylite Cloud, you get a commission of the sale.

How it works:

When you sign up to our Daylite Cloud Affiliate Program, we create a unique link for you to use when promoting Daylite on your website, social media, or through email. We’ll also provide you with artwork that you can use on your website or on social media.

When someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up for a Daylite Cloud trial, we track they they’ve come through your referral. Then when they subscribe to Daylite Cloud, we pay you a portion of the sale to your Pay Pal account. You can also manually enter in a referral’s email address if you’re talking to them in person about Daylite instead of through your affiliate link.

Benefits of joining:

You help others increase productivity and get paid when they subscribe to Daylite Cloud.

For more information and to sign up, visit our Affiliate Page. You can also download this PDF for the full details of how it works.

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