Numbering Plugin for Daylite from PureMac

Product Updates / August 12, 2015 / Kristie

For fans of numbering your Projects & Opportunities, our friends at PureMac have created a Numbering plugin for Daylite. The Numbering plugin let’s you auto apply numbers to your Project and/or Opportunity titles in Daylite. You can structure these numbers in a variety of ways including the date that the Opportunity or Project was created.


Numbering Features:

  • Choose a number for an Opportunity
  • Choose a number for a Project
  • Sync numbering for Opportunities & Projects
  • Set to append the name to the title
  • Batch add numbers to selected Projects or Opportunities
  • Set a prefix and a suffix to the number and format separators
  • Add dates to the numbering or Projects and/or Opportunities
  • Auto reset the year counter each year

Watch this video from PureMac to see how it works

For more information about this Daylite plugin and to try it free for 14 days, visit PureMac’s website.

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