The Tales of Two Steves on the iPhone: I beg to differ with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer

January 18, 2007 on 8:44 pm | aj

The Tales of Two Steves. Every word of Steve Jobs in relation to the iPhone has been scrutinized, but the reaction of Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is another story.

Look at this YouTube video. Here is another take on it.

“The iPhone doesn’t have a keyboard”? That’s all he’s got? Maybe he should have said the iPhone doesn’t have DOS commands! I can understand that he would want to minimize the potential of his competitor, but give me a break. And while you’re giving me a break Mr. Ballmer, look at the “Tales of Two Steves” with this comparative stock chart. Which Steve should we believe now?

I’m going to reaffirm that I think that the iPhone is the best small business phone yet. I spoke with a bunch of media folks on why the iPhone is the best business phone so far – especially for small business. Here are some reasons:

  1. It’s easy to use, so it will draw a bunch of small business users to use more technology
  2. It has Push IMAP email
  3. It renders emails better than any other phone
  4. It’s got a big fat keys when you need a keyboard (I think the big keys outweigh the lack of tactile feedback)
  5. Did I mention it’s easy to use

More than anything, I think the ease of use and the pleasant interface is what I’m excited about because it will bring more people into the fray. So many people are afraid of technology because it seems so complex, and we all know that Apple is the master at eliminating those complexities.

Based on Apple’s reputation and what they focus on, I can guarantee you that it will easier to use than Windows Mobile phone, a BlackBerry or a Treo.

We are learning that people are wanting simplicity – they are tired of complexity. I think the simplicity of the iPhone is what is going to drive many small businesses to adopt the phone. The larger enterprises may not, but the small businesses will – and guess what – there are more small businesses than there are larger enterprises.

We will be right there, doing our best to make sure Daylite plays nice with Sync Services and the iPhone.

Mark my words – in a few years – Mac OS X will be regarded as the best small business platform (actually, it already is, but the rest of the world just hasn’t caught up yet).

Until next time…

2 Responses to “The Tales of Two Steves on the iPhone: I beg to differ with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer”

  1. Marni Belnap says:

    Way to go AJ! I could not agree with you more!

  2. Tom says:

    I’m trying to keep an open mind with this new iphone. I really like the visual voicemail. That to me just about does it.

    But then I step back and focus. I really don’t care about the iTunes. Maybe I’m the last on earth but I’m not into it at all. Give me my XM or FM-HD any time.

    And now let’s talk about the hard drive(s). 4&8 Gb? I started with a TI-994a computer with 128k of memory so 4 and 8 should seem huge. But the fact is with this thing running a full version of OS 10 how much usable memory is there? And if you’re one who wants to watch video, how much can you get on this machine.

    But now to the two areas most have been talking about. I’ve got a TREO 700p and at first when I need to input a long number I used the screen input instead of the buttons because I thought those big buttons would be better.

    Well let me just say without feel you’ve got to concentrate on choosing the right numbers. I soon determined I can move much faster using those tiny buttons because once you know where you’re at you can move without looking.

    And the final kill for me is the restriction of Cingular, or is it AT&T, or rather at&t I guess it is now.

    Well I use Verizon. My siblings are on Verizon. Most of my friends and business colleagues use Verizon. With the “In” package talking to any of them does not count towards my minutes.

    Again, I’m going to try and keep an open mind but Price, Service, and Feel, it just seems like three strikes to me.