Top 5 Female Sales Experts To Follow For Tips on Increasing Sales Productivity

Closing Deals / March 27, 2017 / Kristie

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or sales manager, there are many social influencers in the sales space that can inspire and educate you about improving sales productivity. Many of these influencers are strong females that have proven you don’t have to be a “salesman” to be a sales expert.


Given that it’s Women’s History Month, what better way to celebrate women in business than to call out those who are so influential in growing businesses through sales efficiency and leadership?

We’re a Canadian company, so we celebrate Women’s Month in October, but because many of our readers are in the US, UK, and Australia – why not celebrate both, right?

If you’re looking for inspiration and practical advice on improving sales productivity for your team or company, look no further than this list of top female sales experts.

 Jill Konrath

If you’re looking for advice and tips on how to drive more sales in less time, Jill Konrath is the gal you definitely want to follow. Jill is a sales keynote speaker and bestselling author. She’s been listed in Top 20 Social Seller by Forbes and listed in Top 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management six times.

Jill Konrath is the author of four books including Agile Selling and her latest book – More Sales, Less Time.  She leads sales workshops and her blog is jam packed with practical tips for converting prospects in the most efficient way possible.

In Jill’s own words, she shares “fresh strategies and kick-butt advice, wrapped with humour and humility.”

Follow Jill Konrath on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Nancy Nardin

Want advice and tips on sales and marketing productivity tools? Nancy Nardin is the founder and President of Smart Selling Tools – a firm that is dedicated to helping sellers and marketers drive revenue through technology and applying proper processes.

Nancy Nardin was listed in Forbes’ Top 30 Social Sales Influencers in the World. Her blog on Smart Selling Tools is geared towards sellers and marketers that want educational material on sales productivity and sales tech. The blog covered everything from sales onboarding, practical tips for closing deals faster, using data insights, and increasing revenue.

Follow Nancy on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi, as in “the Trish Bertuzzi from the internet” is an expert in sales development. Okay, so that title is an inside joke between me and the thousands who have read her blog post I Met a Guy in a Bar and Now I’m a Believer in AI. But for real, she’s an expert in sales development, an inside sales evangelist, and truly is an internet sensation in the sales world.

Trish is the author of “The Sales Development Playbook” and is the CEO of The Bridge Group. The Bridge Group offers inside sales and consulting and implementation services. They specialize in expanding and optimizing inside sales strategies for B2B. They do everything from implementing strategy, process, technology, and tactics. And their team are big animal lovers. 🙂

Follow Trish on Linkedin, Twitter, and The Bridge Group blog for tips on inside sales development, metrics, and trends.

Lori Richardson

If you’re looking for inspiration and tips on social selling and improving your sales team, Lori Richardson is the sales influencer and strategic you want to follow. Lori helps mid-sized companies grow revenue by improving sales leadership and was listed as number twelve on the Top 30 Social Salespeople in The World on Forbes.

Lori Richardson is the founder and CEO of Score More Sales. Score More Sales helps SDRs (Sales Development Reps) Account Managers, Sales Reps, Biz Dev improve sales performance. The approach is by identifying strengths and weaknesses in the team’s sales ecosystem and coaching sellers and sales leaders on the art and science of selling. The results? Improved sales processes that meet sales objectives and increase revenue. The Score More Sales blog is full of useful tips on improving sales performance.

Follow Lori Richardson on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Andrea Waltz

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner that wants to increase sales but has trouble channeling your inner salesperson, Andrea Waltz is a woman you’ll want to follow. Andrea has co-authored five books, including the best-selling book, Go for No! She’s also a keynote speaker and co-owner of Courage Crafters. Andrea is an expert in overcoming failure, rejection, and the word “no”, hence the title of her website and blog

Courage Crafters’ philosophy is focused on developing and building the courage to overcome rejections and achieve sales success. The content on the GoforNo blog is ideal for entrepreneurs that may not have a knack for selling and need help building up their confidence to achieve their sales dreams.

Follow Andrea Waltz on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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