Keeping Small Businesses Safe and Secure Online, Marketcircle Ramps Up Daylite’s Security with Two-Factor Authentication and Passkeys

February 06, 2023

Daylite makes logging in safer for users giving added peace of mind to small businesses and their clients

Marketcircle, makers of Daylite, the CRM and productivity business app built exclusively for the Apple platform that empowers small businesses to handle more clients, close more deals, execute more projects and boost team collaboration, takes cyber security seriously. To boost the safety of small businesses and their clients, Marketcircle has introduced additional layers of security in the Daylite App.

In step with Apple’s latest security enhancements Daylite is proud to announce it now supports passkeys; a new security feature that makes the login process even safer and easier with passwordless sign-ins for websites and apps.

To bolster security even further with this passkeys enhancement, Daylite requires two-factor authentication (AKA: 2FA) to be turned on in order to use passkeys.

2FA requires two forms of identification to access resources and data, adding an extra layer of protection to the login process. It minimizes the risks of unauthorized access, even if a password is compromised and with passkeys there is no password to keep track of.

According to Statista, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44 million. A cyber-attack of any magnitude can devastate a small business.

“Cyber-attacks are not only expensive, but they can also ruin a company’s reputation,” said Marketcircle CEO Alykhan Jetha. “That’s why these extra layers of security are important. By having 2FA and by supporting passkeys, we’ve provided our clients with more control over their cyber security while making the process of logging in even easier.”

For information about Daylite’s enhanced security features please visit these 2FA and passkeys blog posts.

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Daylite is an award-winning CRM and productivity business app that empowers small businesses to get more done throughout the full customer lifecycle. From meeting prospects and taking control of your sales, to managing the moving pieces on projects, all the way through to winning more repeat business, it’s all done in Daylite. Developed by a team of Apple enthusiasts at Marketcircle Inc., Daylite is a native app that was built exclusively for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Daylite's seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem allows users to leverage Apple Contacts and Calendar, Siri, Notification Centre, and Multitasking on iPad. Daylite is used today by thousands of small businesses in over 80 countries to manage customers, sales, and projects in one place. In-App purchase are available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS for single users, and on for both single and multi-user subscriptions.

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