Daylite for Content Resource Management
Daylite for Content Resource Management

Daylite, The Mac CRM Focused on Productivity.

Build amazing customer relationships.

Exclusively for the Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Improve customer relationships & customer service

Create, refine & repeat effective processes

Save time & improve productivity

Why use a CRM anyway?

You want to build strong customer relationships and improve customer service. You want your business to succeed and reach new heights. But providing top-notch customer service is getting harder and harder as you juggle more and more clients. That’s when you need a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or contact management app to help you put the proper systems in place for your Mac-based business so you can manage all your clients BETTER. Without a CRM or contact management app, you have to rely on your memory, which may be... well, less than perfect.

Less chaos. More amazing customer service.

Running a business is chaotic. You have clients to manage, communication to track for each client, appointments to schedule, follow up calls to make, tasks to finish, and deals to win. Daylite helps you keep it all together by... keeping it all together. Daylite organizes all your contacts, appointments, follow ups, tasks, emails, call notes, and more in one app for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. With everything easy to find, you’re able to focus more on your customers and build better relationships.

Testimonial from Peter

“All our clients expect a perfect 5 star customer service from us. Daylite gives us the tools to make sure we can deliver exactly that and provides the backbone to the studio’s customer service and management.”

- Peter, Filmatography

See connections. Get the full picture.

A lot of CRMs are great at storing info about your contacts, but not so great at defining connections between people. Daylite is different because it’s a contact management app that allows you to “link” people together, creating a spiderweb of connections. With linking you can track referrals, see who a client’s spouse is, see what company they currently work for, as well as companies they’ve worked for in the past. This not only helps you see the full picture of your customers, but also helps everyone on your team understand your customers. The more you understand your customers, the better you can serve them.

Testimonial from the Productivity DJ

“Another feature I use daily is the linking ability within Daylite. It’s especially helpful for people in sales because you can link contacts together to track referrals. The linking capability in Daylite is what makes the program so powerful.”

- Greg, Productivity DJ

A full history of interactions. All in one place.

Think it’s impossible to remember every detail about every client? With Daylite’s Linking feature it’s not only possible but also easy. Daylite’s Linking feature does more than just link people to other people and companies. It let’s you tie all your communication and interactions to a person. So you can select a contact or company and see all the emails, call notes, past appointments, sales opportunities, projects, and tasks you’ve completed for them, as well as any future meetings and tasks. It’s all there in one place so you can quickly refresh your memory before making a call. And anyone on your team can quickly review it and be brought up to speed.

Learn how to link items 

Testimonial from Mortgage Alliance West

“The ability to link together all of your emails, activities, and other files is definitely one of our favourite features in Daylite. It allows us to keep everything in one place. No more calling out across the office. looking in filing cabinets, or asking each other when we last spoke to a client.”

- Gina, Mortgage Alliance West

Target your customers the way you want.

Want to see a list of all your customers or leads that you haven’t contacted in the last 6 months? Or send out an email to a few leads about a new promotional offer? Maybe you want a list of all your customers that have a birthday coming up next week. Whatever list you need, you can create it in Daylite. Daylite let’s you filter people based on multiple criteria at a time. Once you have your list fine-tuned, you can save it as a Smart List that auto-updates and even share this list with your team.

target customers
Testimonial from EBSCO

“Daylite gives me a dashboard of opportunities that I need to touch base with. Using Smart Lists, I am able to see - at a glance - who I need to keep in touch with to keep the process moving.”

- Chappy, EBSCO

Less time looking. More time finding.

Storing info in a CRM is one thing. Being able to find it is another. A common problem with most CRMs is that you capture info and then it seems to disappear into a black hole, never to be found again. With Daylite’s Global Search feature, you can type in a phrase, a few letters of name, a company, or a specific detail and Daylite will search the entire database for that tidbit you need. Even email content and notes from calls and meetings is searched through. So you can find literally anything you’ve saved in Daylite.

Testimonial from ERP Developers

“The Global Search is probably the biggest time saver for me. I no longer have to print out copies, which makes looking for documents a pleasure, it’s just THERE. It’s like having a room full of papers and saying “document ‘ABC’, jump up!”

- Jeff, ERP Developers

Flexible & customizable for your small business.

Nobody knows your clients or your business better than you. You know how often certain clients need to be touched base with, you know what dates are important to remember, and what details are important to be captured. With Daylite, you have the flexibility to create your own contact management process, then tweak, and improve it as you grow.

Set your own follow up series with Activity Sets.

Build your own sales funnel with Pipelines.

Create your own auto-updating “touch-base” lists with Smart Lists.

customizable for small business
Testimonial from ERP Developers

“I really liked how I could customizable Daylite to my business needs. I’m very much the kind of person that designs my own uses and I could see it had a very straight forward way to work. The framework gave me the resources I needed to set up everything for my team. We’re still perfecting it – we’re changing all the time. That’s another thing. I can change it.”

- Peter, Filmatography

A small business CRM that goes where you go.

Contact management doesn’t stop when you leave your office. And your CRM is only useful if you can use it when you need it. Whether you’re on the road, in a client meeting, or hanging out in a cafe, you can access Daylite anywhere from your iPhone and iPad. So you can jot down notes after a call, create a follow up task for when you get back to the office, and save important details about a lead - no matter where you are.

Testimonial from Jim Jordan Photography

“While on location for photo shoots and productions, myself and my team are able to access contact information for clients, check the office calendar, and manage task lists. Being mobile with Daylite allows me to maintain my busy schedule while managing my companies.”

- Jim, Jim Jordan Photography

Out with reactive. In with proactive.

When you rely on your memory, sometimes a follow up can come too late. Opportunities are lost when you don’t proactively engage your clients. Daylite helps you build effective processes and touch-points so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Less time entering data. More time engaging clients.

Daylite is more than a small business CRM or contact management app. It was built with the purpose of improving productivity. It’s designed to help you quickly capture, organize, and use information. With Daylite as your CRM you spend less time doing data entry and more time focusing on your clients and growing your small business.

Testimonial from MindMove

“With Daylite there is less time for operation stuff and more time for my clients. I can focus my time on my clients and not my database. I also don’t waste time switching between programs.”

- Thomas, MindMove

Made for Mac small business.

Daylite is made specifically for small businesses on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Unlike most web-based CRMs, you can use Daylite even when you don’t have an Internet connection because your data is stored right on your Apple devices. Use Siri to call a customer in Daylite, hands-free. Manage emails from your customers and schedule follow ups right within Apple Mail with the help of Daylite Mail Assistant. Even check upcoming appointments with clients from Notification Centre on your iPhone or iPad without having to open Daylite.

Testimonial from Mophonics

“After doing research, I found Daylite to be a flexible solution for a small company like ours. We were all native Mac users so it was an ideal fit. We found that we were able to customize Daylite to work seamlessly with our production needs and made it very easy.”

- Adam, Mophonics

View interactive reports of your customers.

Get an overview of your leads and customers in the Insight View. See an interactive report of the people, companies, and your sales opportunities in your business. Get a breakdown of your clients by industry, view open sales Opportunities with customers, and forecasted close dates. You can filter to dig deep into your info and easily switch views to see the same info in a multi-column list view.

insight view crm
Testimonial from Liquid Reality

“I love the new Insight View. For me, it’s still early for the value of insight to kick in, but over the next six months I think it’s going to be able to show me where I’m spending my time, where my effort is going, and where my revenue is actually coming from.”

- Adam, Liquid Reality

Daylite addons for advanced contact management.

Daylite integrates with many other apps that help you manage customers better. Send an email blast to a list in Daylite with MailChimpConnector, send SMS text message blasts with DayliteMessages, and track phone calls with your clients using PhoneAmego.

Learn more about great tools that integrate with Daylite 

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