Industry Packs

Solutions tailored to fit the workflow of your industry.


Industry Packs include industry-specific preferences and settings, workflow instructions for Daylite and/or Billings Pro. The goal is to make you more proficient, productive, and efficient, without having to spend countless hours customizing the apps to fit your industry's needs. For Daylite, we've created a special file that encapsulate all the necessary preferences for a given industry including categories, keywords, and pipeline stages. We've also created a set of workflow instructions to help you learn how to incorporate each feature in your daily workflow.

Who are industry packs for?

Who are the Industry Packs for?

Anyone can use the Industry Packs, and easily apply it to new or existing databases. If you don't see an Industry Pack available for your specific field of work, keep checking back… we'll be adding new ones on a regular basis. For existing Daylite customers, it's important to note that most of the preference file will not overwrite your preferences, but will add to them. *Some of the preferences may overwrite what is in your existing database, but you will be given a notification of this before importing with the option to deselect those specific fields. You can, however, continue to edit your preferences once the file has been imported.

What’s the benefit of an Industry Pack on my business?

We’ve worked with real customers to find out how each industry uses the applications differently. For Daylite, you can use the Industry Pack to get started or further customize it to fit your workflow. Everyone has a different ‘flow’ or ‘process’ to their work, which is why we make our products so flexible.

How do I get started with an Industry Pack?

Select your industry from the options below and learn how Daylite and/or Billings Pro can be used for your specific field of work. From there, read the detailed instructions then download and install the Industry Pack if it aligns with your needs.

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