Daylite for Teamwork
Daylite for Teamwork

Teams Work Better in Daylite.

A shared database for your whole team on Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Share contacts and calendars

Manage projects and tasks together

Improve organization for your whole team

How does Daylite help teams work together?

Working with a team involves sharing. When you have emails in one person’s inbox, task lists on different computers, and notes on pads of paper, important info gets lost and time gets wasted. With Daylite, all your team’s contacts, calendars, projects, notes, emails, and more are shared in one app. So you can check your team’s schedules to coordinate meetings and check the status of a deal without having to interrupt your team. And with your info on all your Macs, iPhones, and iPads, your team stays in the loop no matter where they go.

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Testimonial from Adam at Brittle & Brittle PC

“I can take a phone call with someone I’ve never spoken to before and while talking, bring myself up to date without putting them on hold. This definitely helps the cohesiveness of information between our attorneys.”

- Adam, Brittle & Brittle PC

View your whole team’s calendar.

Avoid double booking. Daylite lets you view your team’s schedule all at one or by specific team member. Choose to view your team’s calendar along with important due dates coming up. Or use the Daylite calendar to book resources so you don’t double book a meeting room. You can even check your team’s calendar and schedule appointments on the go from your iPhone or iPad.

Learn how to use the calendar as a team 

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Tackle projects & tasks together.

Share the workload. With Daylite’s shared projects and tasks you can keep your whole team in the loop. See what tasks have been completed, what needs to be done, as well as important details, notes, and emails for each project. Delegate tasks to team members and get a notification when they’re done. With Daylite you have a clear overview of where your team stands on all projects and tasks.

Learn how to create a project 

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Testimonial from Adam at Mophonics

“Before Daylite, it took a lot of hand holding and individual contact to get a clear picture of how our projects were progressing and what resources were being utilized. With Daylite, we don’ thave to ask those questions. All the information is there. We can open a project and instantly see all the client information, resources and the progress.”

- Adam, Mophonics

Close deals together.

Share sales opportunities with your team. Get an overview of where your team stands on all sales opportunities or view the sales opportunities of a specific team member. See all the details like who’s involved, what’s been done, and what needs to be done to close the deal. If you need to assign a task to a team member as part of closing a deal, they’ll be able to see all the related emails, call notes, appointments, and tasks they need to get brought up to speed.

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Cut down on cc’d emails.

Share emails and notes as a team. Daylite integrates with Apple Mail so you can link emails to client records, sales opportunities, projects, and more. Instead of having to cc your team on an email chain, just link the emails to the project or sales opportunity so they have the details. You can also links notes from phone calls or meetings so when you delegate a task, the team member will have all the info they need to get the job done. No questions asked. No time wasted.
Learn how to delegate tasks 

Testimonial from Gina at Mortgage Alliance West

“By using the delegation feature in Daylite, I’ve been able to dramatically cut down the volume of e-mails with my assistant. I no longer spend hours looking for e-mails since they are all indexed to the client.”

- Gina, Mortgage Alliance West

Work remotely and on the go.

Share info with your team, wherever they are. While on the go you can work from your iPhone or iPad. You can even work from your laptop when you don’t have an Internet connection because your info is stored right on your Mac. No browser required. Once you get an Internet connection, Daylite syncs with all your team’s Apple devices so the info on your iPhone is up-to-date with your team’s Macs back at the office.

Testimonial from Jordan at Designate Strategic Marketing

“I love the fact that, if I’m in a meeting in Glasgow I can delegatae a follow-up task to the Edinburgh office and it immediately goes into their to-do list. It’s sometimes done by the time I’m done my meeting.”

- Jordan, Designate Strategic Marketing

Control privacy settings.

Share what you want. Hide what you don’t. Daylite lets you control what your team or specific team members can see. Set personal appointments to private so only you can view the details. Limit access to specific emails to keep confidential information private.

Stay organized. Work happier.

Work better as a team. With Daylite, all your info is organized and searchable so you don’t waste time looking for things. And processes are automated to help your team get things done faster. Use Letter Templates to quickly send out routine emails. Use Activity Sets to automate a series of tasks for client follow ups. Avoid duplicate data entry by having all your info on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Daylite make your team more efficient so you can grow your business.

Learn how to create Activity Sets 
Learn how to use Letter Templates 

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Testimonial from Wolf Law Group

“We can delegate work and generally work with others in the firm more efficiently. The ability to handle more cases and cleanly delegate work to our staff has undoubtedly helped our business manage its load, and grow to take on more.”

- Seth, Wolf Law Group

Daylite add-ons for advanced collaboration.

Get an overview of how much time and money your team is spending on each project with Time&Budget. Customize print out reports for your team with ReportSuite. Manage a large amount of documents for your team’s clients and projects with DayliteDocs. Daylite has many add-ons that make it easier to work together as a team.

Want more options for your big team?

Daylite isn't just for small teams. Contact us to learn about additional products and services that can help your team. We have Marketcircle Experts world-wide that can help with custom training and implementations.

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