Daylite for Task Management
Daylite for Task Management

Daylite, The To-Do App That Helps You & Your Team Do More.

Manage tasks anywhere from your Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Prioritize your day.

Schedule to-dos and set reminders on the go.

Share tasks with your team.

Why use Daylite as your to-do app?

Have an overwhelming amount of things to do? Writing down your to-dos on a piece of paper may work for a while. But pieces of paper don’t remind you when they’re due. You could use a simple to-do app that keeps a list of your tasks. But a task list doesn’t give you the context for what the task “Email Steve” is about. You waste time digging through emails or sifting through papers trying to remember the details and context of the task. Daylite is different because it’s the only to-do app with a powerful Linking feature. Linking connects your to-dos to the important details you need to get the job done.

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More details. More clarity.

Save time by having all the details of a task in one spot. Daylite links your tasks to the relevant people, projects, appointments, and emails that the task is about. So from the task “Email Steve” you can jump to the last notes you took on a call with him or review your last few emails all in one place. You save time because you have all the info you need right in Daylite.

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Testimonial from Jim at Jim Jordan Photography

“Daylite links multiple contacts and resources to specific tasks. Being able to organize and link everything cuts down on work time and allows for more tasks to be completed each day.”

- Jim, Jim Jordan Photography

Get a clear view of today. Look ahead to tomorrow.

Don’t get caught off guard by a due dates that come out of nowhere. Get an overview of everything on your plate today and later this week. From the Daylite Home Screen you can see all your to-dos and appointments today as well as upcoming appointments and tasks for the next seven days.

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A personal assistant that travels with you.

Keep working no matter where you go. Create tasks on the fly, review your to do list, and check tasks off as you finish them – all from your iPhone or iPad. You can even work when you don’t have an Internet connection. As soon as you connect to the Internet, Daylite syncs your Mac, iPhone and iPad so you’re always up to date.

Learn how to manage projects & tasks on the go 

Testimonial from Billy at Kidbilly Music

“I’ve been using Daylite for three years now and it really runs my life. If I need to check that the airline tickets are booked, or rent a guitar amp, or make a phone call it’s all in Daylite. For me, it’s like a personal assistant.”

- Billy, Kidbilly Music

Manage tasks right from your email.

Is your inbox becoming another to do list? Action your emails and get them out of your inbox with Daylite Mail Assistant. Daylite Mail Assistant puts Daylite right beside your Mail window. So you can create tasks, schedule appointments, and save emails in Daylite – all without leaving Apple Mail. Cut down on internal emails. With Daylite you can delegate a task to a team member and link the email. They’ll have all the details they need to get the task done.
Learn how to use Daylite Mail Assistant 

Testimonial from Greg at Productivity DJ

“I’ve used many to do apps out there and I have never seen another program that actually integrates within the Mail app like Daylite. When an email comes in I can immediately link that email to a project or create a to do.”

- Greg, Productivity DJ

Automate a series of to-dos with Activity Sets.

Want to automate a few touch-points for new leads? Or a few routine steps within a project? With Daylite’s Activity Set feature you can trigger a series of tasks that are either leading up to a due date or following in sequence after a specific start date. Set a specific number of days you want in between the tasks and Daylite will remind you on the date to get them done.
Learn how to use Activity Sets 

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Use shortcuts to jot down tasks before you forget.

Capture tasks right when you think of them. Daylite shortcuts let you quickly enter tasks before they slip your mind. Use the Quick Task shortcut on your Mac to enter in tasks even when you’re working in another app or browser. Hit enter to quickly create new tasks while doing a brain dump. Then simply drag and drop to prioritize and add in due dates.

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Testimonial from Sean Z. Becker

“I might be sending an e-mail and something comes to be and I need to start making tasks. With the short cut key I can make tasks no matter what app I’m using on my computer.”

- Sean Z. Becker

Stay focused with the Worklist.

Work on a little at a time so you can focus and finish. Many to-do apps leave you with an overwhelming list of to-dos. The problem is you get easily distracted by all these other tasks on that list that you can’t get anything done. The Daylite Worklist helps you prioritize and focus on what’s most important right now. Just drag and drop your top to-dos onto the Daylite Worklist so your main priorities are front and centre on your Home Screen. You’re able to clear out distractions and focus on what matters.
Learn how to work with tasks 

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Testimonial from Kayla at Apexx Global

“I have a million things to do each day so every morning I add tasks to my Worklist that I need to complete today, and add tasks on the fly for what I can work on the following day. This helps me to manage my time because I can visually see a list of everything I need to do and I can see when it’s been completed.”

- Kayla, Apexx Global

To-do app that supports GTD.

Get more done. Daylite supports David Allen’s GTD system. Using Daylite Keywords, you can tag your tasks with @Home, @Phone, @Email, @Office to organize tasks by the place or thing you’ll need to get them done. This way when you’re on the road and have time to make some calls, you can pull up all the tasks that require a phone. You can also tag your tasks with @10minutes so when you have a block of time between appointments, you can quickly fire and finish any quick tasks.

Set tasks to repeat.

Need a reminder at the beginning of every month to send out the newsletter? Or a reminder every week to water your plants? Daylite tasks can be set to repeat weekly, monthly, annually, or as often as you need.

Testimonial from Jordan at Designate Strategic Marketing

“I love the fact that, if I’m in a meeting in Glasgow I can delegate a follow-up task to the Edinburgh office and it immediately goes into their to-do list. It’s sometimes done by the time I’m done my meeting.”

- Jordan, Designate Strategic Marketing

Add-ons for advanced task management.

Send tasks via email to people outside of Daylite with ProductivityTools or create a task for multiple people at once. Have a lot of calls on your to-do list? Automate the process for your calls with FoneConnector, Dialectic, and Phone Amego. Get help from Siri to add a task to your Worklist by integrating with Reminders. Daylite has many add-ons to make managing your to-dos even easier.

Join the thousands of small businesses that get more done with Daylite as their to-do app.

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