Better contact management starts with Daylite.

The Mac CRM that helps you manage more clients, together.

See everything about a client in one place.

Remember every detail, without taking up brain space. From emails, call notes, and projects, to upcoming appointments and follow ups – Daylite lets you and your team see the full history. Anyone in your team can be brought up to speed in minutes.

Segment your clients for targeted campaigns.

Want to find all the customers you’ve sold to in the last year? Or all your clients in a specific industry? Daylite makes it easy to filter your contact list so you can send targeted email blasts. Even save your segments as Smart Lists that auto-update.

Daylite + Apple Mail Integration = CRM Heaven.

Tired of using email folders or having to cc everyone on a chain? Daylite integrates with Apple Mail on the Mac so you can store emails in Daylite with a click of a button. You can even schedule follow up reminders for you or someone else in your company right from Apple Mail.

Keep up with clients on the go.

Stay on top of follow ups anywhere with Daylite on your iPhone and iPad. Get reminders for follow ups. Log calls. Capture new leads and prospects. Save meeting notes so every bit of customer history is captured.

"Daylite has allowed us to increase our volume of business while still maintaining the high level of service our customers have come to expect."

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