The CRM for Mac That Takes Your Small Business Further

Remember everything about your clients

Daylite is the Mac CRM that helps small businesses stay on top of leads, clients, and vendors no matter how big your client list grows. Keep track of important emails, follow-ups, call notes, project details, and documents – all in one place.

Integrate your CRM and Apple Mail

Daylite is the only Mac CRM that integrates directly with Apple Mail. Save your email history and create new clients in Daylite right from an email so capturing leads is quick and easy. You can even schedule appointments in your Daylite calendar right from an email.

Send targeted email campaigns

Stay top of mind with leads, customers, and vendors. Segment your contacts using Daylite's powerful filtering capabilities. Then send targeted email campaigns using personalize email templates.

Track all the way to finished project

Unlike other CRMs that just help you close the deal, Daylite takes you through finishing the project after the deal was won. Organize all the moving pieces, tasks, and documents for the client project so it's done on time.

Work anywhere, anytime

Stay on top of clients no matter where you go with Daylite CRM on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Unlike most CRMs that are web apps, Daylite is the small business CRM that lets you keep working even when you don't have an Internet connection.

Take your business further with Daylite.

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