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ConstructPRO UK LLP are a construction, energy and property solutions provider based in the UK, offering global coverage. The practice is both a provider of out sourced project delivery and business support services. By providing world class services we enable our clients to gain that all important competitive edge.

We provide our clients with an unparalleled level of knowledge and service founded upon our belief that old school values mixed with cutting edge techniques are an unbeatable formula for success.

Our vision is to be an internationally recognised and respected service and solutions provider.

Our mission is to grow with our clients by strengthening their businesses.

Clients are not just fees to us. They are our partners. We care passionately about their people and their aspirations.

Customer focused, caring and all about improving your bottom line.

What was the most painful thing about your previous billing and invoicing solution?

Far too complicated, not to mention expensive. It required hours of training and continuous updates. This meant more more training and constant fees.

How has Billings Pro alleviated this distress?

It's easy to use, it required no training (okay a little time to get used to it), it's very intuitive as a Mac App should be, ridiculously inexpensive for the return on investment it provides, and the support offered is both friendly and incredibly helpful.

Looking back, at what point did Billings really stand out and become the tool you wanted to move forward with?

When we used remote staff timings and pulled them all together for the first invoice to a client – and it just worked.

Have you noticed an improvement in client interaction and satisfaction?

We have very few queries from our customers as the level of detail you can include on an invoice is great.

How has Billings Pro improved your workflow and productivity?

The collection and input of data is a breeze. It has improved our invoicing efficiency by at least 300%.

Has Billings Pro improved your time tracking accuracy? If so, how?

Yes. Billings Pro ensures that we can track every interaction, easily. It provide a robust audit trail to track efficiencies against projections.

Describe how Billings Pro has helped you to increase your monthly revenue.

By spending much less time having to double input data (and then check over and verify it). The invoicing process is simple, which means we're all free to concentrate our efforts on client satisfaction, which has therefore led to increased sales.