Account Management on your Mac, iPhone & iPad

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  • Fast
  • Accurate

Manage your accounts anywhere, anytime

Update your client records no matter where you are with Billings Pro on your iPhone and iPad. Add a payment or a retainer from your iPhone or iPad while you’re on the go or meeting with a client. Get an overview of overdue and unpaid invoices from the home screen on your iPad.

Learn time time tracking with Billings Pro

Track client payments

View each client’s invoices in one place. Easily add a payment or a retainer. See what invoices have been paid, when the client made a payment, and how they paid. View both their retainer balance and account balance so you always know where each client stands.

Learn how to apply retainers & payments

Keep your projects organized

Separate your work by projects for each client. View a list of all your completed and active projects for each client along with the total time, amount unbilled, and the total cost.

Learn how to work with projects

"The most alluring part of Billings Pro is that I can send an invoice or update a client record while on the street car or sitting in a coffee shop from my iPhone."

- Dave, Toy Rabbits

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Simple reports

View your client account summary, top accounts, payment records, and more. All you have to do is select the date range and Billings Pro does the work for you.

Learn how to run reports in Billings Pro

Send statements in seconds

Creating and sending your client a statement is just as easy as creating an invoice in Billings Pro. Show your clients a full breakdown of their invoice and payment history and it only takes you a few seconds to do.

Manage taxes

View how much tax you’ve collected, total amount billed, and more in simple reports. Billings Pro gives you all the info your accountant needs in just a few clicks.

"When it came to filling in my tax return for the 3 separate businesses I was running, it literally took about half an hour in Billings Pro. All the info was right there, exactly where I needed it."

- David, Devonial Electrical

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Advanced Searching

Find the right data instantly using our advanced search tool. Pull up an invoice by searching for the invoice number. Quickly find a time or expense slip by typing in the name.

Get paid on the spot

Create an invoice right on the spot with Billings Pro on your iPhone or iPad. Use Credit Card Terminal by Inner Fence for instant payment.

Integrate with MoneyWorks & QuickBooks for Mac

Create an invoice right on the spot with Billings Pro on your iPhone or iPad.

Integration guide for MoneyWorks
Integration guide for QuickBooks

Integrate with Daylite

Manage your contacts, calendars, tasks, and projects with Daylite. Easily import these into Billings Pro so your tasks and appointments become line items on an invoice. Use this to send your clients estimates or detailed invoices of the work you’ve done without having to re-enter this information in Billings Pro.

Integration with Daylite and Billings Pro

"What helps the most is the fluent communication between Daylite and Billings Pro. It doesn’t feel like two different pieces of software. It feels the same at the end."

- Felix, Motion Tactical

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