Invoicing on your Mac, iPhone & iPad.

  • Fast & easy to use
  • Beautiful & professional templates
  • Detailed & customized invoices

Make invoicing the easy part of your job.

Wasting hours of your time creating invoices from scratch? Send an invoice in as little as 60 seconds with Billings Pro. Simply choose your client or project, add your line items by selecting your time, fixed, expense, or quantity slips, pick a template and voila! With Billings Pro you can create and send an invoice before you even finish your first cup of coffee.

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Bill the way you want

Get the flexibility to invoice your clients by whatever way works best for you. Charge your clients by time, flat rate, daily rate, or by project. You can even bill by quantity for products and add additional expenses and mileage to your invoices.

Learn how to work with slips

Simple invoicing on the go

Invoicing on the iPhone

Send an invoice with just one hand. With Billings Pro on your iPhone you can create, edit, and send invoices on the go. Choose your project or client, add your slips, then choose a template.

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Invoicing on the iPad

Create an invoice on the fly from your iPad. From the home screen on your iPad, create a new invoice in one tap. You can then select your client or even create a client on the spot.

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"I’m constantly recommending Billings Pro to my friends and family mostly because of its ease of use."

- Amon Focus

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Advanced invoicing on the Mac

Invoice templates even graphic designers love

Get the professional look of an invoice without needing to hire a designer. Choose from over 30 professional invoice templates on the Mac to find the right one to reflect your business. Clean & modern? Traditional? Bright & colourful? Send your clients professional invoices that reflect your business.

"I love that the invoices in Billings Pro look professional. As a graphic designer, the aesthetic appearance of an invoice is important in order to make a good impression with clients."

- Kayla, Apexx Global

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Get paid faster with fewer questions

Send your clients detailed invoices they can actually understand. Add your time, fixed, mileage, and expense slips to your invoice. Give your client more detail by adding comments to any slip. You can even show your client their balance after a down payment by adding a retainer to the invoice.

Professional Services - Time and fixed slips are grouped together and subtotalled.

"Our clients expect very detailed accounting of what we have done for them. Fortunately, we are able to give them everything they expect by using the Billings Pro environment."

- Andrew, Design Nine

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Use Blueprints for common slips

Have fixed, time, or expense slips that you find yourself using constantly? Avoid having to create a slip over and over again by saving it as a Blueprint. A Blueprint is a template of a slip that you use regularly.

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Create Pro Forma Invoices

Avoid gaps in your invoice numbers by using Pro Forma invoices on your Mac. Send your client a draft (Pro Forma) invoice so you can make edits before the final copy. When you are ready to send the invoice, Billings Pro will automatically add the correct invoice number for you. You can even customize your invoice number among other things…

Learn how to work with Pro Forma invoice

Customize your invoice

Make your invoices your own. Change up the colours to match your own brand. Add additional details such as discounts, a retainer balance, and or extra fields. Choose what currency to invoice your clients, and the amount of tax needed to add to your invoice.

Learn how to customize your invoice

Set recurring invoices

Save yourself the time of re-creating the same invoice on a regular basis for monthly or annual services. With the recurring invoicing feature, Billings Pro reminds you when to invoice and creates the invoice using your selected template and amount. All you have to do is review and send.

Learn how to set recurring invoices

"Our clients are billed monthly and annually for certain services. Billings Pro has immensely eased the process of invoicing by reminding us when to invoice clients and setting up reminders for when the invoice is past due."

- Josh, Thrive Web Designs

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