Time Tracking on your Mac, iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch.

  • Quick & easy
  • Accurate
  • Flexible

Track time anywhere

Capture all your billable time no matter where you are. Track time on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. With Billings Pro on all your devices, you won’t have to worry about missing out on your billable time. Discretely start, stop, or create a new timer from your Apple Watch while you’re with a client.

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Access your timers in one swipe

Manage your timers from the notification centre on your iPhone or iPad with the Today Widget. Start, pause, or finish a timer without having to even open the Billings Pro app.

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Track time from your menu bar

Start and stop your timer from whatever application you’re working in. With the timer in your menu bar you can pause or start a timer right from your browser or while you’re working in Photoshop.

Set and Idle Timer

Bill your clients accurately. Set an Idle Timer to automatically pause a timer when you’re away from your Mac. Billings Pro will notify you when you’re back at your Mac that the timer was paused so you can pick up where you left off.

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"I can step away from the computer for five minutes and Billings Pro will let me know that I’ve been idle for five minutes. I love the menu bar time tracking feature where I can easily start the time clock for a project just from the menu bar."

- Garrett Sullins

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Detailed time tracking slips & logs

Add details to your time slips to reference your work. Each time slip can be added as a line item to an invoice to give your client a breakdown of your time. Add comments to timer logs so you can reference when you paused a timer.

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Sync with all your devices

Keep your timers up to date from all your Apple devices. Billings Pro syncs with your Mac, iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch so your time slips are accurate no matter what device you start or stop on.

View your tracked time with simple reports

See how much time was tracked for a specific client, project, or worker. Just select a date range and Billings Pro will run a report to give you a breakdown of all your time right down to the second.

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"I have some clients that need to have a lot of detail throughout the project and need to know how many hours I've put in. They often get a kick out of the fact that when they ask me how many hours I've put in, I can tell them ‘I've put in 32 hours, 42 minutes and 43 seconds.’"

- Nate, Device Independent LLC

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Track time on your own or with your team

Capture billable time from everyone on your team. While you’re tracking time on your iPhone, your teammates can track time for their Apple Watch or Mac. The Approval Workflow in Billings Pro allows you to view your team’s timed slips before invoicing your client to ensure they are accurate.

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Set your own billing increments

Round your time however you want. Billings Pro offers flexible time tracking increments. Want to bill by 15 minute, 30 minute, or hour increments? You got it, boss. Want to bill by flat rate while still tracking your time? No problem. Set a default rate for your time slips or change it up for a different project or client. You can even set a default rate for others on your team.

"I only charge my clients for the time I'm working so I like that with Billings Pro I can round up by small increments."

- Erin, e.l.m. Design Solutions

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