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Eloqui is a team of wordsmiths, family-owned and family-run. With over 60 years of collective experience in a variety of writing disciplines, we are equipped to meet your specific writing needs. We've written for clients as diverse as the Adventist Review, The International Center for Cancer Treatment and Research, and FoxSports.com. Our portfolio includes feature articles, social commentary, devotionals, grant proposals, press releases, TV and radio scripts, commercial copy writing, and much more. But we believe our work is about more than just writing. We believe in forging long-lasting relationships built upon trust, dependability and integrity.

What was the most painful thing about your previous billing and invoicing solution?

Before using Billings Pro, everyone had to send their monthly billable hours to one person. They would then sort through and categorize them and then finally invoice the appropriate clients. We're not a big organization; there's only four of us. But this process was incredibly tedious and sometimes took a full day to complete.

How has Billings Pro alleviated this distress?

With Billings Pro, the entire organization works off a single database. This alleviates ALL our inefficiencies. Not only are we able to keep each other accountable, but we can track time on a project-wide basis and avoid under-quoting clients. Additionally, Billings Pro Touch lets us add out-of-office time to the database. We can bill for meetings and travel time more accurately. Billings Pro has also streamlined our billing process. Instead of dedicating an entire day to invoice clients, we can set up a recurring invoice and everything is automated.

Looking back, at what point did Billings Pro really stand out and become the tool with which you wanted to move forward?

We realized Billings Pro was the ideal tool for us immediately after installing the first beta. It was as if someone had sat in on our meetings, heard all our complaints and built the perfect solution.

Have you noticed an improvement in client interaction and satisfaction?

We have absolutely noticed improved client interaction and satisfaction. In our first month using Billings Pro, we were able to invoice more quickly and accurately. The built-in invoice templates are easy to customize and attractive. We actually had a client call us to compliment our new invoice design.

How has Billings Pro improved your workflow and productivity?

Billings Pro Touch has had the most impact on our workflow. Prior to using it, we were forced to track out-of-office work with our iPhones, make a note of the time, estimate mileage and then manually enter it into our database. Billings Pro Touch has made this entire process seamless, more accurate and infinitely less annoying.

Has Billings Pro improved your time tracking accuracy? If so, how?

Yes, see previous question.

Describe how Billings Pro has helped you to increase your monthly revenue.

By automating our invoicing and allowing everyone to work off a single database, we've been able to free up an entire day previously dedicated to billing. An extra day of billable hours means more revenue for us.