Consulting Frankfurt, Germany


I've been selling and supporting Apple systems in the Frankfurt area since 1990. Today I cover the full range from iPad to server, along with networking and Internet services. I take care of technology, so my clients can take care of business.

What was the most painful thing about your previous billing and invoicing solution?

It was a legacy FileMaker solution, designed for a 640 x 480 screen, and wouldn't even allow me to reorder line items on an invoice. And yet, no other solution I tried allowed me to design my templates the way I wanted them to look, so I was stuck.

How has Billings Pro alleviated this distress?

The template system, while challenging to master, is extremely flexible and provides top-notch printed and PDF output, and the modern UI makes Billings Pro a pleasure to use.

Looking back, at what point did Billings Pro really stand out and become the tool with which you wanted to move forward?

I was happy with Billings, but stayed on the fence because it was limited to a single user. With Billings Pro and its advanced multiuser capabilities, I can finalize and print invoices on-site with my MacBook while my assistant reconciles payments back at the office, and later on everything will show up on my iMac. Now, there's no going back.

Have you noticed an improvement in client interaction and satisfaction?

Since I always bent over backwards to make my invoices comprehensible and good-looking, my clients haven't noticed much of a change. The amount of pain saved on my end, however, is considerable.

How has Billings Pro improved your workflow and productivity?

Invoicing has always been my least favourite task this side of a root canal. Even Billings Pro can't make it fun, but at least it's quick and easy, which is the most I could ever hope for.

Has Billings Pro improved your time tracking accuracy? If so, how?

The simpler it is to record time spent, the fewer billable hours fall through the cracks. Time slips in Billings Pro are a big help, and I hope to catch even more billable time with Billings Pro Touch.

Describe how Billings Pro has helped you to increase your monthly revenue.

With the recurring invoice feature, no monthly, quarterly or yearly invoice goes unsent. It also provides a convenient summary of valuable client relationships worth maintaining and expanding. And time no longer slips through the cracks.

Any other comments?

While a variety of invoice templates are included with Billings Pro, almost any design can be implemented with the powerful template system, which includes F-Script, a complete scripting language that puts FileMaker's scripting to shame. Non-technical users will probably want to consult a Marketcircle Partner if they need advanced scripting, but the template editor in Billings Pro makes it easy to tweak the design of the included templates, and there is a good selection to choose from.