Haptic Motion Cooperative

Consulting Northwestern United States


Haptic Motion is about bringing together the best and brightest of any field and utilizing their strengths to create something amazing. Utilizing vast project management experience, Haptic Motion works with out clients to find the best people possible to help achieve our clients goals. We speak technology but our clients don't always, so we make it easy to accomplish various kinds of projects. In addition to our design and internet strategy background, our pool of talent can be 100 or just 1.

What was the most painful thing about your previous billings and invoicing solution?

The hardest thing is to work with other people. Wether it's new clients, new employees or new business strategies. Trying to find the all-in-one wonder solution is hard because there are so many options out there.

How has Billings Pro alleviated this distress?

Billings Pro gives us the ability to utilize some of the many tools out there and integrate them into our existing process. Being able to use Billings Pro Touch is incredible, because all of our employees have some sort of iOS device – this makes sure I get accurate invoices and they stay happy!

Looking back, at what point did Billings really stand out and become the tool you wanted to move forward with?

When I realized that I could work with iPod touches and not have to have employees or contractors learn something new just to send me their time-sheets. It also makes it easier to ensure that everything is the same no matter where they are because I just give them a username and password and it's all ready for them including my administrative control.

Have you noticed an improvement in client interaction and satisfaction?

The process from estimate to invoice is way smoother. This makes our clients happier and especially our employees happier. We can guarantee every minute we bill is valid and show the clients how it maps on to our estimate.

How has Billings Pro improved your workflow and productivity?

It's incredible how easy it has become to do the things we enjoy doing but at the same time we have to get paid for it. It used to be a hassle to make sure we were billing for everything because it took extra time that we could have been using to work on the project, so sometimes we had to spend extra time going back to find out where the time we spent went.

Has Billings Pro improved your time tracking accuracy? If so, how?

Being simple helps us to make sure we get everything. If it isn't simple then it gets lost in the fray. Billings Pro is simple which helps us make sure we can spend our time more efficiently. This involved making sure we put our best work forward, but also means that we have to make sure we take care of the administrative things as well. Being able to control our time is huge because with Billings Pro we don't have to spend that much time making sure we got everything. It makes it so easy.

Describe how Billings Pro has helped you to increase your monthly revenue.

It's hard to put an exact figure, but again it all comes down to being able to track the time we spend on a project. The more accurately we can track that time, the more money we make. Billings makes it easy to make sure we don't miss any time because it utilizes so many avenues of technology to bring it together where one person man be more efficient and productive with their time which helps everyone else do the same!