Design Cambridge, UK


Rapture is a small creative company specifically geared towards helping individuals and small businesses enhance their status and exceed their goals through promotion, design and marketing. Our aim to provide a very personal experience when it comes to clients needs and requirements.

What was the most painful thing about your previous billing and invoicing solution?

It was unreliable, and most of all, unintuitive. It pulled us away from our work, and meant we spent a disproportionate time on invoicing.

How has Billings Pro alleviated this distress?

It has meant we can expense when it occurs (thanks to the iPhone app) and has streamlined the whole process. We particularly love the reports function which allows us at a glance to see what we need to chase up, who has done what and most importantly how the progress of our projects are getting on.

Tell us about your initial start up experience with Billings Pro.

We initially used Billings Pro with our own mac mini server. To be honest our network made this incredible hard to set up and after lots of hard work and time we could only get the Mac platforms to sync. Once Billings Cloud was announced we immediately saw this as a chance to remove the handling and stress of the server out of our studio.

How has Marketcircle Cloud made things easier for day-to-day use?

We no longer have to worry about backups, configurations, firewalls, and all that nasty technical jargon which slows down the creative process.

Have you noticed an improvement in client interaction and satisfaction?

We can quickly provide a customer with an estimate / balance, a lot quicker than before. Previously we used Apple's Numbers application to generate estimates. Now that we use the blueprint functions in Billings, our speed in delivering results has increased tenfold.

Has Billings Pro improved your time tracking accuracy? If so, how?

We can easily track time no matter where we are, in a meeting, working on the laptop, or just anywhere with an internet connection thanks to the online browser based system.

Describe how Billings Pro has helped you to increase your monthly revenue.

We can accurately track our time better and less time is 'lost in translation' while it moves from pen to paper to our old system