Another Daylite 3.6 Beta for Leopard (v1449)

Scaling / November 30, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

You have no idea how bad I want us to get 3.6 out the door, and we are close. We have a few small issues left.

You can download the beta here:

Daylite (without DMI)
Daylite Suite (with DMI)

Note that some parts of the application no longer mention that it is in Beta state – so please be careful! This version is build 1449 and it is not the final 3.6 build. If you install this, please remember to get the final when we release it.

Just to avoid confusion, Daylite 3.6 will work on Tiger (10.4.9 and up) and Leopard.

Until next time…

UPDATE: 3.6 has been release, beta links deactivated.

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