Connect and Deliver with Daylite 3.7

Quick Tips / January 14, 2008 / Alykhan Jetha

We are at Macworld now, getting the booth ready – always a fun event 🙂 The team at the office just released Daylite 3.7, the MoneyWorks Connector, LightSpeed Connector, FileMaker Connector and finally Daylite Delivery.

These things are going to make Daylite even more appealing to small businesses. Reducing double entry and making all kinds of workflows more efficient. Daylite Delivery will also make life easier for folks. Instead of wasting time running reports – just get them delivered to you via email. The reports look great on an iPhone (3.7 offers 50 new reports). Another example is if you travel, you can easily keep tabs on what’s going on in the office. Another one is getting your schedule emailed to you. The benefits are countless. Check out the product pages for more details.

I’d like to take this opportunity to especially thank the folks at Cognito (makers of MoneyWorks) and Xsilva (makers of LightSpeed). They’ve helped us tremendously in getting these connectors out the door. We couldn’t have done it without them. They’ve had to tweak their apps a bit, so make sure you have the latest versions.

I better get back to the mayhem of booth prep.

Until next time…

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