Daylite & Billings Pro Compatibility: macOS Catalina and iOS 13

Product Updates / July 18, 2019 / Kristie

Apple’s WWDC 2019 has come and gone and Apple has announced macOS Catalina and iOS 13. We’re already looking at what these updates mean for Daylite and Billings Pro!

Daylite and Billings Pro icons on Apple wallpaper

If you’re interested in using Apple’s beta versions of macOS Catalina or iOS 13, you can check if Daylite and Billings Pro are compatible. We recommend bookmarking this page if you want to stay up to date with the latest news and progress on our compatibility status since Apple’s announcement. 

Daylite & Billings Pro

After Apple’s announcement of their yearly update to macOS and iOS, we got our hands on developer pre-releases and we’re working on making Daylite and Billings Pro compatible. We don’t recommend trying macOS Catalina or iOS 13 with Daylite or Billing Pro until we confirm that they’re compatible. This includes any new updates Apple releases for their beta macOS and iOS versions. 

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