How Eli Turner Photography Uses Zapier Integration To Win More Business

Our Customers / October 24, 2017 / Kristie

Do you ever feel like you’re not taking enough advantage of Daylite? Want to automate more of your workflow and win more business? We interviewed Eli Turner of Eli Turner Photography about how he’s revamped his Daylite workflow and started automating more with Zapier.


About Eli Turner Photography

Eli Turner owns and operates a small photography company, Eli Turner Photography, that specialized in  weddings, events, and portraits. Eli Turner Photography shoots about 40 weddings per year, so Eli relies on Daylite to keep track of where his team needs to be, when, and what work needs to be done to prep for each event. They use Daylite primarily for calendaring and keeping track of their projects and tasks. Eli also uses Daylite to capture and organize information about vendors such as florists, DJs, wedding planners, wedding venues, etc so he can market his business to them.

The Wedding of Maaren and Neel

The Wedding of Maaren and Neel

Eli’s Previous Daylite Workflow

Most of Eli’s inquiries come through email. Eli would create them as a contact in Daylite and link the emails as they emailed back and forth. When they decided to book, Eli would create an appointment for the event in his Daylite calendar and link all the details to the appointment.

“I was using appointments as the centre of my project management process in Daylite. I wasn’t tracking my workflow efficiently or using a lot of the Daylite features to my full advantage.” – Eli Turner

The Wedding of Lacey and Joe

The Wedding of Lacey and Joe


Rethinking His Workflow in Daylite

Eli knew there was a problem in his workflow by just using emails and appointments because sometimes things still slipped through the cracks. When Zapier integration was added to Daylite, this got Eli thinking about his workflow and how he could streamline his process by using more of the features Daylite had to offer.

“Zapier got me to rethink my whole workflow and motivated me to dig deeper into Daylite and take advantage of all its powerful features.  Now my entire sales process as well as project and task management workflows are run through Daylite.  Having everything streamlined through such a powerful tool has allowed me to not only provide better customer service, but it’s also freed me up to focus on doing the creative work that I love.” – Eli Turner


Taking Advantage of Daylite & Zapier

Now Eli uses Zapier integration to pull leads from his website through JotForm and automatically create them as new Contacts and Opportunities in Daylite.

Instead of waiting to hear back from leads or risking following up too late, Eli now has a focused list of new leads that he can track and take steps to convert. Once an Opportunity is won, he then converts it into a Project so he can track all the work needed to be done before, during and after each event.

“The main benefit is it’s improved my responsiveness so I’m better at following up with enquiries. I now know where each lead is in the process and it keeps them top of mind. Tracking them through Daylite has increased my conversion rate and I have a lot less stress now.” – Eli Turner


Want to take advantage of Zapier?

Want to pull leads from your website right into Daylite so you can start winning more business? Read this help article How To Use Zapier to Import Web Leads Into Daylite and start using Zapier today.

Exclusive to Daylite Cloud

Zapier integration is Exclusive to Daylite Cloud. To take advantage of this feature and ditch your server, contact us about Going Cloud.


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