iPad optimized version of Daylite enters Beta.

News & Events / October 25, 2010 / AJ

A while back, we announced that we were working on an iPad optimized version of Daylite Touch.

Even though we’ve been using it internally for about 5 weeks now, we reached an important milestone today. We’ve seeded the first group of private beta testers today with Daylite Touch 1.6.

We still have a bunch of bugs and interactions to iron out, but things are looking good.

Because I know you will ask – we don’t have a ship date as of yet.

As you know, our aim is to achieve feature parity with Daylite Touch on the iPhone. And having used it for a while now, I can tell you that it has the potential to change your working habits in a big way.

For some of you (especially the ones I’ve spoken to), it will eliminate the need for laptops. You can get away with a desktop and an iPad.

I’ve been leaving my laptop at home for a number of days now.

Looking forward to the future.

Until next time…

23 Responses to “iPad optimized version of Daylite enters Beta.”

  1. Thank you AJ, for the update. Those are excellent news.

  2. Andy
  3. Thanks for the great news. Do you still feel that licensing will remain the same as the standard iPhone app (i have a license just for the iPad, so hope so ;)?


  4. AJ
  5. @Andy – licensing (and the whole backend) works the same as on the iPhone.

  6. Jim
  7. Why would the iPad version be any better than the iPhone version? What can I do on the ipad version that I can’t do on the iPhone version?

  8. @Jim

    Even though the iPad can be looked at as a “big iPhone”, it isn’t. I’m guessing you don’t have one or haven’t used one for a long period of time (I myself just got one a few weeks ago), but it is truly a completely different “computer”.

    For example, I find browsing through email the most efficient on iPad. Answering emails is more efficient on my MacBook, and deleting junk and unwanted email is easiest from my iPhone.

    The larger screen real estate changes the way we interact with apps.

  9. @Jim

    To add to the above, and to accurately answer your question – there isn’t anything you’ll be able to “do” on the iPad that you can’t do from your iPhone. You’ll be able to schedule meetings, delegate tasks, see what’s coming up, etc. from both devices – it’s just HOW (and where) you’ll be using the app.

  10. Jim
  11. Ryan, you gave examples of how email usage is different on your iPad. Please tell me how using Daylite Touch is different on your iPad as compared to your iPhone. That’s what I’m wondering, how an application with the same functionality as the iPhone version can “change my working habits in a big way.”

  12. Jim
  13. Additionally, I can go out and buy an 11″ MacAir, which weighs about a half pound more than the iPad, and get the FULL functionality of Daylite. Is it worth it to save the half pound carrying the iPad so that I can use a “shrunken head” version of Daylite Touch, with much less functionality than the full desktop version?

  14. AJ
  15. @Jim – isn’t it great to be an Apple user these days? You can choose whether you like a tablet or a laptop or a desktop or a phone and you can get your work done either way. If the iPad isn’t for you then so be it, use the MacBook Air. Works great!
    It sounds to me like you’ve never used an iPad before. When you use it for a while, you’ll see how it is different than the phone and how Daylite is different on both (even though the features are the same). The interaction is different because of the form factor and that makes a world of difference when working.

  16. Jim
  17. I actually bought an Ipad when it was first introduced, used it for a month, and then sold it. I used Daylite Touch iPhone version on the ipad, wasn’t so great. Touch has such a reduced feature set as compared to the desktop version. When you’re using a tiny iPhone screen, that’s ok, but when you have a 10 in screen that weighs a pound an a half, you want and deserve a more functional app. Now that the weight and cost premium of a Macbook is far less (the new Mac Air) , it’s hard to justify carrying around an 8×10 inch iPhone that runs a Daylite version with no greater functionality than the actual phone version.

    I for one will not be interested in Daylite for the ipad until the feature set is greatly expanded.

  18. AJ
  19. @Jim – ok. Thanks for the feedback.

    btw: It’s Daylite and not Daylight 😉
    I corrected the spelling on your post.

  20. Jorge N.
  21. @Jim
    You can’t run Final Cut Pro on the iPad either – these are ‘Jr’ Macs, with stripped-down capability, memory, and horse power. Apps for them will be similarly stripped down.

    If you need full capabilities, go for the Air.

  22. Jim
  23. Final Cut is processor intensive. Daylite is not. I run Daylite very successfully on a Dell net book. The thing won’t play HD video well, but Daylite runs like a charm. With a 10 inch screen, there’s really no reason there can’t be greater functionality on an iPad version of Daylight. Until there is, I’ll opt to carry an extra half pound (macbook Air) and enjoy a fully functional Daylite, email history, smart list, unlimited notes, and much more.

  24. Jorge
  25. @Jim
    You assume because the iPad is almost as big as a MacBook, that it’s almost as powerful – it’s not! It’s just an iPhone/iPod with a bigger screen. It doesn’t have gigabytes upon gigabytes of RAM for apps to work with, unlike the Macbooks, or hundreds of gigabytes of storage that apps have access to, unlike Macbooks, or multi-gigahertz of speed like the Macbooks. The fact that if an app is processor intensive is irrelevant – the fact that it has to work within these much smaller constraints is!

  26. Jason Gerry
  27. I love how the iphone version causes me to ‘focus’ on different sales tasks. Looking forward to the ipad version.

  28. Jim
  29. My suggestion is that the feature set of Touch, if possible, should be expanded to take advantage of the larger screen of the iPad and to move toward the feature set of the full Daylite version. If it can’t be expanded, so be it. As I said earlier, until it is, I’ll opt to carry an extra half pound, (the new 11″ Mac Air,) and run the full version of Daylite. I get a nice keyboard too!

    By the way, Daylight runs just fine on my Dell Netbook, which has only 1 gig of ram.

    p.s. Jorge, are you an employee of Marketcircle, or just a very enthusiastic user?

  30. Great news!

    I just love the iPad and since I’m a lot on the road in my car, the iPad is so much fun and easy to use and I’m longing for a iPad version of Daylite.

    I like to put in my data direct after visiting a client or prospect and on the iPhone this is a bit cumbersome.

    So get on with that testing a get me a ship data asap ;-).

    Keep up the good work!

  31. Billybnyc
  32. Counting the days!

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  34. Ryan A Frazier
  35. All I could really ask for with a new iPad version of Daylite, is the ability to create estimates!

  36. Mark
  37. Jim,

    Daylite on a netbook? A hackintosh?

  38. Jim
  39. Yep, a Hackintosh. It get’s 6 hours battery life, but it’s thick, over an inch with the extended battery, and it doesn’t do video well. The new MacAirs look great! I tried one at Best Buy, great keyboard, way better than the Dell. Unless you must use the iPad standing up, I think the 11 in MacAir is a FAR better solution.

  40. Wow, I feel tired out reading this whole thread…

    Bringing things back to reality (i’d like to think) lets hear a big Whoop for things to come on the iPad as I’m sure AJ will join me in saying ‘this is only the beginning’

    Also, if I may… a big whoop for me passing my Billings Pro cert yesterday WHOOOP! Another one, tick yeeeey.

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