iPad optimized version of Daylite Touch on the way.

Our Company / August 10, 2010 / Alykhan Jetha

Many of you will rejoice.

Now that Daylite Touch 1.5 with iOS 4 features has been released, and the release of Billings Pro is imminent, work on an iPad optimized version of Daylite Touch has begun (actually work began a while ago, but we’re at a point where we’re comfortable talking about it publicly now).

Our objective for the first iteration is feature parity with Daylite Touch 1.5 (as opposed to a specific iPad version) and compatibility with Daylite 3.11 and Daylite Server 3.11, so licensing and synchronization, etc., will work exactly the same way.

While we do not have a timeline for the release, work is progressing smoothly and consistently. We’ll post a progress update in a month or two.

Until next time…

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