Marketcircle products, Leopard compatibility and a few weeks…

Scaling / October 22, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

We are all anxiously awaiting the final Leopard release this Friday, but if you depend on our products for your day to day business, please hold off upgrading for a few weeks until we give the final word with official Leopard compatible releases.

As developers, we do not have the final Leopard build. We will get it at the same time as everyone else and we will promptly begin testing.

We are pretty confident that we will not have any major issues, but you never know. We’ve been working on compatibility for a while and we should have solid betas available one week after the official release (if not sooner).

UPDATE: This is an inappropriate medium for support questions. Please send your support questions to support [at] marketcircle [dot] com and someone will get back to you. I’m closing the comments.

Until next time…

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