Our Team’s Top Blog Picks of 2017

Scaling / December 6, 2017 / Kristie

Didn’t get a chance to read all our blogs this year? No problem! We’ve curated a list of our team’s favourite blog posts in 2017.


Whether we’re telling stories of how customers have solved business problems with Daylite, or sharing tips about improving productivity, our aim is to share, teach, and inspire small businesses world-wide.

We asked our team what their favourite posts have been for 2017. What topics have inspired our Engineers? What content resonated most with our Customer Service team? What excited our Customer Success team?

Here are the top picks from our team for 2017.


How We Give Employee Feedback

“This post highlights for me how far we’ve come as a company at putting effort into employee feedback. We now have a whole system with multiple components.”
– Asim Baksh, Operations Manager



How Tracking Small Challenges Can Help You Find Big Success

 “I like this post because it talks about Kaizen which is an approach we’re taking internally. We’re practicing what we’re preaching!”
– Aprile Petralito, Customer Success Team

How To Promote Remote Employee Collaboration & Engagement 

 “As we’ve transitioned to being mostly remote in the past year, this one hits close to ‘home’ (pun intended). It’s nice to see there’s some things we’re getting right, and also some tips from the article we haven’t tried yet that we could use to improve our remote work culture.”
– Ali Lalani, Software Engineer

How To Stay On Top of Tech

 “In today’s ever changing world, technology is something most businesses should be paying attention to. Businesses relying on old outdated software/hardware get left out when clients come with expectations of supporting newer tech. For me, it is more true with the work I have to do in QA. On a daily basis, reading about what is happening in the Tech World not just Apple, is important to understanding changes happening. This is one way I keep up on the new beta’s or updates for macOS/iOS. I am able to update/test our apps and also be alerted to changes that could affect our customers.”
– Sean Mendonca, QA Engineer

Mail on iPhone & iPad

 Sneak Peek: Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad

 “After speaking with so many customers about how having a Daylite Mail Assistant equivalent on their iPhone and iPad, it makes me so happy to be able to tell customers now that we took their feedback, and are now working on a whole new feature for the iPhone and iPad! Just one more reason to Go Cloud!”
– Megan Roininen, Customer Advocate


How To Build Better Relationships with Activity Sets

“I find the ‘Quick Tips’ to be very helpful especially when I’m doing follow-ups with customers and they want to learn about a feature like Activity Sets.”
– Alvina Fung, Graphic Designer


5 Tips For Effective Meetings That Don’t Waste Time

“This post truly captures the frustrations for me when helming a weekly meeting, especially when meeting with a large group of people–in my case 10. It’s ideal to have things in place as outlined in the post to ensure that you stay on track, otherwise the meeting will just fall apart and everyone’s valuable time is wasted.”
– Matthew Ives, Customer Service Manager
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