Sneak Peek of Mail on iPhone & iPad In Action

Product Updates / January 23, 2018 / Kristie

Have you been anxiously waiting for Mail on the iPhone and iPad? You’re not alone. We’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of feedback about how excited customers are to get their hands on it!

As Mail on the iPhone and iPad is still a work in progress, we don’t have a public beta available quite yet.  But since we haven’t given an update on Mail on the iPhone and iPad in a while, we want to show you a quick video of the progress made so far.

We’ve rolled out a build of Daylite for the iPhone and iPad with Mail to a few employees to start testing and getting feedback about it so we can continue to iterate on the design and functionalitySome of us have been using it internally on the iPhone X to test out managing inbound email. There are a few bugs we’re squashing and the next part we’ll be concentrating on is managing outbound email. 

What you’re about to see is not the final design of Mail on the iPhone and iPad – changes are inevitably going to happen between now and when it’s released – but here is a taste of what will soon be possible!

Exclusive to Daylite Cloud

Mail on iPhone and iPad will be exclusive to Daylite Cloud customers as it leverages new technology not available with Self Serve. If you want to make sure you’re able to get Mail on iPhone and iPad as soon as it’s released, contact us about getting on Daylite Cloud now.

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