Streamline Your Daylite Contact Creation with WhoDo

Our Company / May 21, 2019 / Kristie

Your potential prospects’ email signatures are filled with valuable contact information, but if you’re not taking advantage of them, you’re seriously losing out. You might be thinking that adding all of the details sounds tedious, but that’s where WhoDo comes in!

WhoDo for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Tired of trying to copy a website link from an email signature and accidentally clicking it open instead? Need a hands-free way to capture all the important details when meeting a new person? Having the right information when you need it is important to your success, but when it’s missing or inaccurate, you’ve already fallen a step behind. Accurately capturing new business is the first step in building your relationships so you can remember to follow up, keep track of details, and stay top of mind.

Leave the busywork behind with the WhoDo App for macOS, iPhone, and iPad! You can effortlessly create People or Companies in Daylite from email signatures, any text you used to copy and paste, or even use speech recognition to capture details – all in just seconds!

“I used to get frustrated adding a contact into my address book, clicking back-and-forth, memorizing numbers, screenshotting so I have the info saved. Little annoyances like this would drive me crazy and cause such stress. Now – I click copy, click share to WhoDo and it’s done. Contact saved.” — 5-star review on the App Store

For more information, check out WhoDo in the App Store and Mac App Store!

Please keep in mind that for third party integrations, you’ll need to contact the developer for support and/or questions. For questions or support for WhoDo, you can contact the developer here.

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