Thank you for helping us reach 96% customer service satisfaction!

Our Company / September 29, 2016 / Kristie

Providing great customer service has always been a top priority of ours. Today we celebrate reaching 96% customer service satisfaction!

customer satisfaction

When we first started Marketcircle we were just a team of two – AJ and Mike. Today we’re over 30 employees but we’re still a small business with the same focus – helping other small businesses grow. A big part of this is providing great customer service so we can help you achieve your goals – whether it’s by suggesting a workflow to increase efficiency in your team, or figuring out how we can improve our app to make your day-to-day more streamlined.

To make sure we’re consistently providing excellent customer service, we ask every customer that interacts with us how we did. By asking every customer that opens a ticket to rate our service, we’re able to pin-point areas that we can improve.

We were previously asking every customer that opened a ticket to fill out a survey to help us rate how well we were doing and identify things that we could do better. We got great feedback through these surveys, but we weren’t getting as many responses as we’d hoped for.

In an effort to hear from more customers, we switched up our process for gathering feedback. Instead of emailing a survey, we started using the app Hively so customers could rate their satisfaction right within the email. This change made it easier for customers to provide feedback so we started getting way more responses.

Here’s what it looks like.

customer satisfaction rating

After rating, customers can leave comments to expand on what went really well or what they’re unsatisfied with. This gives us insight into what we’re doing well and should continue doing, and what we need to improve on.

To calculate the percentage of satisfied customers, we total the number of customers that rated either satisfied or very satisfied, and divide by the total number of responses. Since implementing Hively in May, we’ve reached 96% customer service satisfaction – with 87% being “very satisfied”.

Hively also has a cool feature that let’s customers leave a “WOW!”. To date, we’ve received 68 “WOW!”s.

Thank you to all our customers that provided feedback. We appreciate your help in identifying areas that we needed to improve on, and love hearing responses like these that remind us why we’re in business:

“Quick response with the exact fix I needed. We depend on Daylite so much it can be scary when someone gets out of sync. Being able to depend on well informed support with quick response times is extremely important to our business workflow. Also, it never feels robotic, I get the sense from our correspondence you sincerely care about fixing our issues. Thanks again for a job well done.”


“Abu was great with his approach and suggestions. Follow up was considerate and timely. I was most impressed that I was contacted about my sync issue before I had to reach out myself (which I had been planning on doing). That proactive approach is very refreshing. Please keep it up!”


“My business partner and I are baby boomers and technology is the most challenging part of our business. Carolyn Vitale has been both knowledgable and patient with all of our questions. She has provided us with targeted links to tutorials that are well written and easy to understand. We are looking forward to reshaping our conversations around Opportunities and Projects. Thanks for helping us shape our strategies around the tools and processes offered in the Cloud version of Daylite 6.”


“Ray is one of the most thorough, friendly, and overall fantastic tech support providers that I have ever encountered. With his help I was able to resolve my issue, have the new update changes explained to me, and was provided with an overview of the Billings Pro differences so I can explain to my board why we need to upgrade! Thank you, Marketcircle, you continue to impress!”


Thanks again to all our customers!

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