Update: Daylite & Billings Pro Compatibility with macOS Sierra & iOS 10

Our Company / August 24, 2016 / Kristie

A lot of people are getting excited about macOS Sierra and iOS 10 and so are we! We’ve had a lot of questions about compatibility and since Apple’s announcement, we’ve been testing compatibility with Daylite & Billings Pro. Here is the latest update…


Daylite 6 & Billings Pro

You can Download the latest version of Daylite and Billings Pro from our downloads page.

Daylite 5

We’ve tested Daylite 5 compatibility with macOS Sierra and iOS 10 and due to issues with older SDKs (developer kits), there are many issues that will be a considerable amount of work. Daylite 5 will still be supported on OS versions it’s currently supported on, but we’ve decided as a company to not move forward with making Daylite 5 compatible with macOS Sierra and iOS 10.

Rather than divide our resources to make old and current versions of Daylite compatible, we’re choosing to focus our efforts on making the current version of Daylite compatible as well as build on new features. We hope our customers understand that as a small business it’s important to focus efforts and resources where it makes most sense and that means sometimes having to say “no”.

If you’re using an older version of Daylite, we suggest you avoid updating to macOS Sierra and iOS 10 or upgrade to the current version of Daylite. Not sure what’s new in Daylite 6? Check out our What’s New page.

Daylite 5 Upgrade Promotion

For Daylite 5 customers interested in upgrading to Daylite 6, we’re offering a limited time upgrade promotion of 15% off to upgrade to Daylite 6 Self-Serve. This promotional offer is valid until October 31, 2016. Or you can upgrade to Daylite Cloud and get the Early Bird Discount Plan – a 29% discount. The Early Bird Promotion will be available until December 31, 2016.

To upgrade to Daylite 6 Self-Serve or Daylite 6 Cloud, please visit our upgrading page.

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