Why Switching To a Subscription Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Product Updates / August 24, 2017 / Kristie

Thinking about cash flow and your and budget are just a part of everyday living when you run a small business. Paying salaries for your employees and never-ending expenses are enough to give any business owner heartburn. So we understand that the idea of switching to a subscription model can seem scary. But it doesn’t have to be.


On the surface, moving to Daylite Cloud may look like a steep increase to what you’ve been paying for Daylite Self-Serve. However, Daylite Cloud can actually save you time and money in the long-run, improve efficiency with Cloud-Exclusive features, and save your sanity.

For many customers that have already made the move to Cloud, this has made it well worth the cost.

More feature & integration options

If you’re already using Daylite Self-Serve, you may be thinking that moving to Daylite Cloud just means you’d be paying more for the same thing, right? Not quiteDaylite Cloud is the same native Mac, iPhone, and iPad app, however, the backend of Daylite Self-Serve and Daylite Cloud are completely different. Because of the different backend, Daylite Cloud offers more feature options and integrations than Daylite Self-Serve.

Many features customers have been asking about for years are just not possible on Daylite Self-Serve. For example, integration with Zapier so you can integrate Daylite and other apps to automate workflows. Or the ability to link emails in Daylite from your iPhone and iPad, a feature that is coming to Daylite Cloud.

“While I value my CRM stability very much, I was growing frustrated with the lack of new features in Daylite. More precisely, I want the possibility for more integrations. In chatting with AJ, I understood that new features will now be easier to implement by Marketcircle with Daylite Cloud.”

– Vincent, International Pharma Services

Save time and your sanity

Have you ever wasted hours of your day troubleshooting syncing issues because of Daylite Server? How about time spent managing backups or dealing with networking issues? For many of our customers, maintaining the Daylite Server took up a lot of time and mental bandwidth. Between setting up backups, dealing with the network and troubleshooting sync issues, the time it takes to maintain a server can be a major distraction.

With Daylite Cloud, you don’t have to manage any of the backend stuff, which means you save time and avoid many headaches of managing a server.

“When I used Daylite Self-Serve, I was the IT person. I had to make several decisions; whether my computer or my assistant’s was the server, managing backups and fixing things when sync errors occurred. When I moved to Daylite Cloud, all this went away.”

– Thomas, Fabrication & Production Machinery

Save money in the long run

Many customers have told us how the switch to Daylite Cloud has been well worth the cost because of time saved by not having to manage Daylite Server anymore. The external costs of maintaining backups, working on the network and downtime when troubleshooting increases the cost of Daylite Self-Serve beyond the sticker price. Daylite Cloud can reduce the lifetime price tag by eliminating much of the external costs of running your own server.

“In terms of hard dollars Daylite Cloud may be a bit more expensive to run in the cloud but, there is no question that the time saved managing the server and data security more than makes up for it.”

– Douglas, Manhattan Shade & Glass

Get faster, smoother syncing

The sync engine for Daylite Cloud is completely different than Daylite Server. The difference means you have much quicker, smoother syncing so your data is always up-to-date.

“Before Cloud, my iPhone and iPad would seem really behind. I’d have to make an effort to have everything sync, and I’d be nervous that my notes would get lost in cyber world or not hit the main server. Since moving to Daylite Cloud, all my devices are up-to-date all the time without any hassle.”

– Sara, Digits Discourse

You’re already paying more than once

Some people think of buying Daylite Self-Serve as “only buying once”. However, with license based software, you’re paying for it more than once. As Apple releases new operating systems, software needs to be made compatible. That development cost is then shifted to the customer so as the end-user, you still need to upgrade to new versions of the software to be compatible with your Operating System.

As your business evolves and you need more features, those new features are purchased in the form of an upgrade to a new version with more features. Without the cycle of upgrade purchases, software companies would go out of business, which means you’d eventually have to go buy a new solution.

Whether you’re paying again in the form of license upgrades or a subscription, you’re still paying more than once.


You can access your data even if you go free

A small but very concerned group of customers are hesitant to move to a subscription model because they feel that their data is held hostage until they pay each month or each year. With a subscription model, you’re paying for a service – to use Daylite– so it’s expected that you pay each month or each year to continue to get that service. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription of Daylite Cloud, you can still access your data.

At anytime, you can switch to the limited Free Plan and still access all your data in Daylite. If you’re beyond the limits of the Free Plan, you won’t be able to add new data to Daylite, but you can view all the data that has already been added to Daylite.

If you decide you no longer want to use Daylite Cloud, you can export all of your data. Your data is always yours and yours to take with you if you decide to leave.

Whether or not you’re paying for a Daylite subscription, you are in control of your data.



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