5 Ways to Heat up Cold Leads

Closing Deals / May 22, 2019 / JD

Sometimes deals go cold. It’s the nature of the beast. Wouldn’t it be better if you could reignite the fire instead of searching for more leads? Fortunately, you can!

Get them when their attention is free

We all know the typical telemarketing situation. We don’t recommend interrupting your leads during dinner, but we can learn something from telemarketers. Telemarketers call when they know you’re home. In the same light, reach out where your leads are, when their attention is free, and when they are more likely to respond.

So, what is the behaviour of your market? Are they more likely to use Instagram and Facebook over checking email? If so, post new content on weekends, during lunch, and shortly after 5 pm as the day is wrapping up because these are times when people are likely to look at their phones. 

Are they more likely to respond to emails? Get in their inboxes during off hours. People are more likely to ignore low priority emails during work hours or may miss your email when in a meeting. So, if you can get in their inbox first thing in the morning or evening, you’re more likely to catch their attention instead of having them skip over to the next email.

Personalize your message

How often do you reply to generic sales pitches? Do you wait to get off the call, or ignore the email in your inbox? When reengaging a lead, you want to show you’re not just some spam email or another salesperson trying to take their money. Demonstrate that you’re the cut above, that you’ve done your homework, and that you’re looking out for them.

One way to demonstrate this is to personalize your message. Grab their attention by adding their name or the name of their business in your email’s subject. Mention the segment they fit into like their industry, interests, and demographics. The more, the better.

Sign up for their company’s blog, add them to LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Add what you learn to your contact in Daylite, or create a form so you don’t have to remember it all yourself.

Show your value. Again.

People are busy, easily distracted, and juggling different priorities all the time. If you want to heat up those leads, remind them why they came to you in the first place. Tell them again what solutions you offered, why that’s important to them, and what results they can expect with you. It’s also important to tell them what’s changed and why it’s better.

Perhaps they just weren’t impressed by what you had to offer or felt that this wasn’t a ‘must have’ for at that moment. Show them that while yesterday’s offerings may not have been the right fit, the newer you can be! In some ways, this is like starting over again, except you know they already have an interest in you. 

Start reminding with cold leads what you’re about and straying top of mind to show them why they should give you another look!

Use No to get to Yes

Remember the last salesperson you spoke to and how you could tell they were trying to get you to say yes? Remember that defensive feeling you got and how you slipped away from every chance? One of the most powerful tools for getting to yes is first getting to no. 

Saying yes is a commitment. If a lead has gone cold, they probably aren’t ready to say yes to anything. Even just a phone call. No, on the other hand, helps your lead feel in control. If you’ve been trying to reengage a lead and getting nowhere, try to get them to say no with an introduction like:

“Have you given up on….”

“Would it be a bad idea to talk next week?” 

“Are you no longer interested in….”

This powerful persuasion tool will ensure that you get a response back from your lead. Even if you find out they’ve moved on, hearing back helps you move on to hotter leads instead of being ghosted.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect follow-up, create an email template and send it to all your cold leads.

Ask more questions

So, you’ve got their attention, now what? Ask more questions about how you can help. When leads are hot, your marketing worked, but once they go cold, they need more fuel for the fire.

Ask what they currently love about their situation, what’s stressful, and what a successful partnership looks like to them. But don’t just leave it at that; ask follow-up questions, clarifying questions, and repeat back the information they give you.

By letting the lead talk about themselves, you have what you need to build a more compelling and personalized case for why they need you. With more information you can essentially remarket yourself and your services, turning that cold lead into a hot one again. 

The best thing is you don’t have to remember all the details yourself. Let Daylite Remember the Details about the People You Meet for you!

No matter how hard you work, deals go cold. But, they don’t have to stay that way. Use these 5 tactics to reengage your leads and you’ll see how even the coldest deal can turn into more business.  

And to make sure you’re keeping track of each and every lead so you remember to re-engage, make sure you’re using a small business CRM like Daylite.

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