Announcing Updated Daylite API with Tasks

Product Updates / August 10, 2017 / Kristie

Daylite Cloud gives you the benefits of working offline, while opening the door to more integration options to help you accomplish your goals more efficiently. 

Our latest update to the Daylite API add’s task functionality so you can customize your task management workflow between Daylite and other apps you use like Asana, Basecamp, Things, or OmniFocus.


More integration options

Last summer we released the Daylite API along with Zapier integration. The Daylite API gives you the ability to customize your own workflow automation with the help of a developer so you can integrate Daylite and any other app you use as long as it also has an API. For those that don’t have a developer, Zapier allows you to create automated workflows between Daylite and other popular apps easily.

The initial Daylite API and Zapier integration gives you options to automate the creation of new People, Companies, and Opportunities in Daylite. This helps you automate your sales process so you can do things like pull leads from an online web form right into Daylite and add them to a Smart List.

Now with tasks available in the Daylite API, you can integrate Daylite and other apps to automate creating new tasks in Daylite.

More flexibility for teams

We’re hearing from more customers about how you’re using Daylite along with other task or project management apps within your teams. Sometimes it’s because you’re pairing up with another small business for a project and the other team uses a different task or project management app. Other times it’s because other departments in your organization prefer to use other task management tools. Whatever the reason, the Daylite API now makes it possible for you to manage tasks in Daylite and in other apps, without having to do double the work.

Building integrations with the Daylite API

You can integrate Daylite and other apps to automate workflows through Zapier. Or you can use the Daylite API to build your own custom integrations by visiting the Marketcircle Developer HubNew tasks can be created in Daylite along with task details, category, keywords, priority, due date, and more.

What’s Next?

With tasks now available in the API, you’ll also be able to integrate tasks in Daylite with other apps you use through Zapier. Stay tuned for more about this!

Exclusive to Daylite Cloud

These updates to the API and Zapier integration are exclusive to Daylite Cloud customers. Want the benefits of working offline with the integration options available with cloud syncing? Contact us about moving to Daylite Cloud.


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