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Our Company / February 23, 2012 / Admin

This year marks the third time Marketcircle will participate at the ABA TECHSHOW (American Bar Association Tech Show) this March in the beautiful city of Chicago.

aba techshow 2012

A number years ago Brett Burney, a respected technology consultant and attorney in the Mac using law community, encouraged us to attend with the disclaimer that this wasn’t a ‘Mac focused’ show. Basically he encouraged us to attend but didn’t want to set expectations too high that anyone would be interested in us at such a PC focused show. I’m glad that Brett encouraged us to go because the first year we were the only exclusively Mac/iOS developer there which made us feel… rather special. At that time there was only one Mac ‘track’ scheduled in the sessions.

Mac computers were few and far between at the show and people who noticed our gleaming Mac computers came to our booth thinking we were there representing Apple. I remember one year I had just received my new MacBook Air and everyone would come over just to touch it, lift it, bounce it around and ask how much I like it. I would tell them “it’s the best computing experience I’ve ever had” and that hasn’t changed.

The following year at ABA almost every single booth had a Mac on their tables and if I’m not mistaken there were 4 Mac ‘tracks’. This year I believe there will be even more.

Between ABA and MILOfest (a great little event that takes place once a year down in Florida run by Victor Medina), we’ve been able to create a relationship with the vibrant community of attorneys now using Macs to run their law offices. Actually while we’re on this tangent, I should mention that our relationship first began in February 2008 when we were invited by Kern Lewis to present Daylite at a conference in Fort Worth Texas called ‘Using Macs in Trial’. This is where I first discovered the camaraderie in the Mac using law community. I was also charmed by the welcoming atmosphere that everyone created.

Ever since these past events, attorneys on the Mac have given Daylite a chance to fill the void in the Mac space for a good practice management application. Many have chosen Daylite over PC competitors & cloud competitors due to the level of customization Daylite can provide, in addition to the native applications for both Macs and iOS devices. While we never previously advertised Daylite as a solution for the law office, we now can see that indeed it fulfills many of the needs.

We invite you to visit us at this year’s ABA TechShow. For a complimentary show pass, please visit this link.

Marketcircle will be exhibiting at booth # 912.

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