How Daylite Cloud Gives You More Flexibility When Hiring Contractors

Product Updates / September 22, 2017 / Kristie

Do you have contractors that need to collaborate on projects in Daylite but won’t use it for a full year? Or part time employees that only need access to Daylite for a few months?

With Daylite Cloud, you can easily add and remove team members to Daylite that only need access for a short period of time.


There’s a growing trend in small businesses using contractors, and it’s not surprising. As a business owner, there are a lot of perks to hiring people on contract. It’s estimated that by 2020, 40% of the American workforce will be independent workers.

In talking to our customers, we’ve seen that this trend is becoming more and more common, which is why one of the perks you can enjoy with Daylite Cloud is that you can easily add and remove users as you need without paying for more than the time they use it.

We used to hear from customers that the process of adding and removing users with Daylite Self-Serve was – for lack of a better word – a pain. There was a lot of manual work involved, and customers were paying full price for a license that contract worker or part-time employee only needed for a few months. Then when a new contractor was hired, they had to buy a new license, or use the previous license and need to remember to update info about the user so that historically they could keep track of which user completed which tasks, and whose calendar you were viewing in the shared calendar view.


With Daylite Cloud, you get the benefit of only paying for the months it’s needed. If a contractor or someone on your team only needs access to Daylite for 4 months, you only pay for those 4 months that they’re using it. Even if you’re on a yearly plan, you only pay for the months they’re using it because when you deactivate a user on a yearly plan, you’re prorated the rest of the amount. This saves you from paying full pop for software only needed for a short period of time.

Daylite Cloud also gives you the advantage of being able to add and remove users much easier as this is all done in your Account Manager. You don’t have to worry about contacting us to buy a new license or adding in license information to Daylite Server. All you do is log into your Account Manager, invite a new user, and they can accept the invitation over email. If the team member or contractor no longer needs to use Daylite, you can just log into your Account Manager and deactivate them so you’re no longer paying for something they’re not using.

You can follow full instructions here for How to add a new users to Daylite and How to deactivate a user in Daylite.

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