Interview with AJ, CEO of Marketcircle – The Entrepreneurial Story Behind Marketcircle’s Growth

Our Company / June 14, 2012 / Admin

Robert Scoble from Rackspace talks with AJ at WWDC about the interesting story of Marketcircle’s beginning, how we’ve grown and the recent release of Daylite 4. (Listen to the full interview with AJ)

Daylite was a product that was developed for Marketcircle. AJ points out, “we designed Daylite to keep us organized. There wasn’t a tool like this on the Mac back then.”

The product quickly gained momentum while AJ was demoing Daylite at Macworld back in 2002 when an Apple employee said he needed to “sell this thing.” That’s when Daylite started and has been growing ever since.

Robert Scoble mentions, “you’re an unusual software company.” Daylite has progressed from a product-only company to a services based company. “What we’re developing now is cloud based offering [for Daylite] with the same native applications except we manage the back end..We have Billings Pro on that model now”

Marketcircle’s ongoing vision is to address the needs of small business (1-50 users) and help them gain more efficiency. Our focus on Daylite 4 was on simplifying the user interface to dramatically reduce the learning curve. Our roots began with developing really amazing productivity software and we’re very excited to continue improving our software in the road ahead.



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