iOSXpert Makes Accounting Easier with Daylite & Quickbooks Integration

Our Company / February 1, 2019 / Kristie

While you’d probably rather be doing the work you love instead of accounting (accounting nerds excluded), it’s not something you can run or hide from. Our friends at iOSXpert know this and that’s why they’ve eliminated the hassle of doing double data entry to keep Daylite and QuickBooks in sync.

iOSXpert have just released a beta of Daylite & QuickBooks integration to their Daylite plugin, FinanceConnector. With this integration, you can send your contact info from Daylite right to QuickBooks, saving you duplicated effort and help avoid delays getting paid due to incorrect contact details.

This addition to iOSXpert’s plugin, FinanceConnector, helps you save time and avoid data entry errors by making it easy to:

  • Send existing contacts from your Daylite to QuickBooks with a single click
  • Avoid having out of date contact records in your QuickBooks account by updating them from Daylite
  • Send your billable line items from Daylite to QuickBooks through iOSXpert’s Time&Budget plugin
  • View a history of invoices and estimates sent to clients from QuickBooks, directly from within in Daylite.

As this is still in beta and they are looking for feedback from each country, if you’re interested in learning more or testing it out, you can apply here to try FinanceConnector from iOSXpert today.

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