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Marketcircle’s CEO Appears on BNN to Discuss iPhone 5 Release

Our Company / September 13, 2012 / Admin

Marketcircle’s CEO Alykhan Jetha made an appearance on BNN yesterday (September 12th, 2012) to discuss Apple’s iPhone 5 Release.

AJ discusses the usability, competitive differences between other SmartPhone manufacturers and the implications the wider iPhone 5 screen has on Marketcircle’s business iOS apps.

If you look at the size of their screen they’re still keeping a narrow device as oppose to a wide device which means [Apple] is focused more on the usability as oppose to going neck and neck competing with size…They have upgraded the size…but I think they’ve put usability front and centre. -AJ

Watch the full interview of Apple iPhone 5 vs. Everybody.

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