Daylite 5 Support Ending September 30, 2017

Our Company / May 11, 2017 / JD

This is an announcement for Daylite 5 customers that we will be ending support for Daylite 5 on September 30, 2017.


Thank you to all our Daylite 5 customers for your continued support, evangelism, and the passion you have shown us at Marketcircle. Daylite 5 has helped tens of thousands of businesses grow as their CRM, Project Management, and Lead Management tool and Daylite 6 has taken up the torch to move our customer forward to bigger and better things.

Supporting different versions of the same app divides focus and resources, preventing us from giving our customers the best possible experience. By focusing on Daylite 6 and future versions, our team is able to put our efforts towards providing the best customer support and adding new features to Daylite as your business evolves.

We’ve received great feedback from customers about Daylite 6 and Daylite Cloud and we want to keep the ball rolling to make our products even better.

What This Means for Daylite 5 Customers

You will still be able to use Daylite 5 after September 30, 2017, but we will not be providing support or software updates. If you prefer to stay on Daylite 5, we suggest that you avoid updating your operating system as we can’t guarantee that it will be compatible.

We encourage you to upgrade to Daylite 6 so you can take advantage of all the new features and receive assistance from our world-class customer support team.

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