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Real estate firms use Daylite to:

  • Track communication with clients including emails, calls, and meeting notes.
  • Automate follow up tasks and reminders on when to reach out.
  • Track referrals and where leads come from.
  • Segment clients for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Track the progress of each transaction with customizable pipelines.
  • Keep track of the firm’s listing appointments and closings with Daylite’s shared calendar.
  • Delegate tasks to each other in the firm and get notifications when they’re complete.
  • Access client info on the go with Daylite on iPhone and iPad.

"In order for us to create a stress free and harmonious process for our buyers and sellers, we have to run stress free and seamless systems in our office. This is where Daylite comes into play."

Portrait of Katy Ayers Katy Ayers, The Bridge Team

"We are a team of 3 but for just me personally, Daylite helps me save about 8-10 hours a week."

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